Friday, October 01, 2010

Mobile Uploads: Chapter 3

[Previous chapters can be seen here and here]
It is that time again. My phone is full of pictures.
I average a lot more pictures a day now that I have something super cute [Drew] always around.

Drew's first picture on a cellphone.

Our little muffin loves to sleep holding his hands up.

Someone stole the sign at the MTC.

 Lots of people tell us Drew looks just like Spencer.
I still can't decide.

Snuggled up for a morning walk.

First day of school I tripped on the stairs, scraped my knee and ruined my new pedicure.
Yes, I said first day of school. Awesome.

Drew getting an ultrasound on his kidneys.

I saw the ROTC walking down the street literally singing
"I dont know but I've been told."
(Maybe I should have taken some video instead of a picture?)
170 hours to build. 21,367 LEGO bricks.

Guess who is in my class?
There is a hint here, here, and here.
Can you say DREAM COME TRUE?

Drew showing off his snazzy church clothes.

His latest trick.


Brandilyn said...

i love your cell phone picture posts! if your baby ever disappears one's probably because i stole him. he's freaking ADORABLE! i'm so happy you blogged tonight. please be my new bff.

Bethany Hoyt said...

I love Drew and I love your phone pics!!-they are so classic! but seriously when can we see you guys because we want to hold your little man!!

arshad said...

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Casey said...

Hahahahaha- creeper :) That pictures (JF) is HILARIOUS! And Drew is so cute!

...Did someone really steal the MTC sign? There must be mothers all over the (lds) world whose lives are ruined!

mb said...

just LOVE that last picture. It is so very cute!!

Aaron & Stacey Salmon said...

Drew is such a cutie! Be a super nerd and get Jimmer's autograph!!!

Lauren said...

ok drew is ADORABLE. I need to see him before he is too grown up!

Lyssa said...

serious he is adorable. And he totally looks like Spencer, which is a good thing!

kate said...

thanks for your sweet comments. Your little guy is to die for!! his smile is perfect.

Jason and Shannon Salmon said...

Oh he is cute. Love the one with him smiling.
I was wondering what happened to the MTC sign. Stupid kids!

likeschocolate said...

He is adorable! Hope all is going well with school.

mj said...

He is so cute. You are sucha rockstar going to school with a new little baby. I can't even imagine. Are you going to the Lee's for Thanksgiving this year?

KandyJill said...

Hahaha your blog posts always make me laugh! I love that your a total stalker!