Monday, July 23, 2007

Homeward Bound

Well I will be leaving Rexburg in less then 24 hours, and before I did so I wanted to finish off the semester with a new post. I can’t believe this will only be my third post this semester. I’m going to try to do better during the fall semester. Summer semester activities are always the same anyway… Boating, swimming, and eating plenty of popsicles and cool treats. (By the way, for those of you lucky enough to have a Maverick (the gas station) in your area they have the BEEEEST frozen yogurt. It’s Danon Non-Fat Yogurt, mmmm delicious. The flavors change daily, you serve your self from the yogurt machine, and it’s CHEAP. It’s so good; I don’t know what I will do for 7 weeks while I am in Atlanta. Not all Mavericks have it though, but keep your eyes peeled. The best one I’ve had thus far has been NY Cheesecake and a Very Strawberry in a TWIST…) Anyway so the semester just flew right by. I had a final project in my culinary arts class where I had to cook a meal for atleast 6 people (there was plenty of paperwork and planning involved, which was annoying, but the eating part was FABULOUS!) I went with a French theme, which called for so many delicious dishes. Finals ended on Wednesday, and mostly everyone left Rexburg then, or shortly before then even. So I have been in Rexburg a lone for a while, when the college is closed this city almost becomes a ghost town. The last weekend before finals Danielle, Paige and I decided we would go to a party that we received a flyer for. It read “BRING BACK THE FUNK” with a guy and a big afro on it. typically, this would mean a 70’s party. So the three of us dressed according to the 70’s. tye-dye shirts, 70’s bands t-shirts, faded jeans, and wavy hair… upon arriving we saw people dressed in spandex and bright colors and nasty plastic jewelry. (the plastic jewelry and leggings is oddly enough back in right now too) but anyway, EVERYONE ELSE WAS DRESSED 80’s! We were so confused, and since the party was lame with about 20 people dancing in a circle, we left soon after. The lack of guests could have been to the bad publicity. Whatever. I had the chance to go down to go down to Logan for 4th of July. IT WAS A BLLLLAST. I always love going to the Lee’s. It’s nice to have real home cooked meals once in a while, and we ALWAYS have the best food there. We had our ward closing social last weekend. It was nice and hot out and we were at the lake for almost 12 hours!! There were only two people that got hurt out of all 100 of us. Me and my friend Emily. I just bit a little hole in my lip and my chin had a bruise on it for a few days from where my knee had hit it. She on the other hand completely broke her nose and just got it set on Thursday. On Sunday a lot of names were called for being released from their callings, but “SARA SALMON” was never called. Later I was told I would be a relief society teacher in the fall, the one picture is after my lesson about a month ago. The Rexburg temple is ALMOST done too! Anyway, I need to get to bed here in a bit, I have a full day of traveling tomorrow. I’ll snap a few pictures of the 20 passenger plane I’ll be on from Idaho Falls to Salt Lake – SCARY!