Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Cherry on Top of Summer

Pretty much I will just list all the events I have done in the past week or so and post a TON of pictures. The trip up with Aunt Carol was fun, we listened to a book on CD for 5 hours! After arriving at Grandma Salmon’s I was wisped away by some friends to attend the firework competition somewhere in NE Calgary. The following morning Grandma and I made everything imaginable with crabapples. We ended up even making some crabapple sauce. Friday evening I attended the YSA dance with Alana Takahashi, Kandice Palmer, and Kaiti Pratt. It was cool to see everyone I use to know and how much they have grown up. On Monday we had a Salmon FHE at Bowness Park. Hotdogs were on the menu but there was nothing to cook them with. After searching the park grounds, and the trash bins we decided to improvise by using some fencing for some roasters, they weren’t the best, but they worked. Mike and I brought along our posse too which ended up causing a pretty intense came of Steal Sticks. Kandice ended up breaking her cell phone and the rest of us ended up bruised and scratched. Ultimately we decided for a group bubble bath (in swimsuits of course). The rest of the trip was filled with trips to Peter’s and Canadian slurpees. I paid a visit to Mike and Michelle Lyons, and they had once again moved. Aunt Michelle gave me a much needed haircut. Alana worked till Wednesday night, so we planned to leave for our trip to Rexburg early Thursday morning. Mike and Paul assured us that they would be up and ready when we picked them up from their friends house. At 5:45am I found myself tapping at the door. 15 minutes later Mr. Collins answered the door and took me downstairs where I found the two boys asleep on the couch. 20 minutes later we were finally on the road. 10 hours or so later we arrived in beautiful Rexburg, Idaho. After a brief discussion we decided to have a fire up at the sand dunes and roast hotdogs and marshmallows again. It was a clear night for star gazing, but almost a little bit too cold. It reminded me of what I get to look forward to in a few short weeks. Paul and Mike hitched a ride with a friend heading to Provo Friday morning, so that was completely luck. The 4 of us girls had the apartment to ourselves for a while. We discovered a fabulous restraint called Firehouse Grill, SO GOOD; It’s in Idaho Falls. Besides shopping, photo shoots, going to DI and eating, Saturday night we also attended I-Night Extravaganza ; the welcome back party that BYU-I puts on at the beginning of each semester. There was tons of events around the whole school, a bull riding contest, roller skating, sumo wrestling, bounce houses, and dancing, just to name a few. The girls left early Monday morning, which was sad but we did have a blast while they were here. I just was notified Alana got a ticket in Montana, despite that I hope they all come back very soon! I’m hoping that I have now somehow recruited a few more friends to join the ranks here in Rexburg.