Monday, July 21, 2008

Practice Makes Perfect...

My dad and I have been on a an interesting mission the last few weeks. That is: TO DISCOVER THE PERFECT CINNAMON BUN. I stumbled across this idea one late night when I had trouble sleeping. Alton Brown had an episode on Food Network regarding bake goods, particularly cinnamon rolls. So, apart from Alton Brown giving me this great idea, I also wanted to perfect a cinnamon roll recipe for Spencer. He loves them, I hate them. And to show Spencer my love for him I wanted to perfect a cinnamon roll recipe that he would absolutely go crazy for. So, my dad and I have made a different batch every Saturday night for the last 3 weeks so that he can take them to his early morning Sunday meetings and have them officially graded by a bunch of hungry grown men. So we've tried a few recipes, a few different frostings, and still aren't completely satisfied with anything we've got so far-- SO, SUGGESTIONS AND RECIPES ARE WELCOME AND APPRECIATED!

Email me those great recipes!