Saturday, February 23, 2008

F.Y.E. (For Your Entertainment)

This was about 3 summers ago when I went to Reno for a week or so to spend time with my friend. I look like a legit seal diving into the ocean.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

If there were no such thing as bad luck, I would have no luck.

My cousin, Dallin, was the lucky one generous enough to pick me up from the airport. I actually was able to see John and Lindy in the SLC airport on my way out, and on their way in for a flight to ATL. My bags took a while to come off the conveyer belt, I stood there waiting as Dallin wandered around the airport looking for my baggage claim. Once we finally had the bags the two of us left the airport together, one 50lb bag each. Upon arrival to the car Dallin mumbled “Oh, that’s my car” very nonchalant. I looked up and began running to the rescue of the Cavalier. Dallin had momentarily parked in the drop off zone where dozens of other cars also were parked. The only reason the Cavalier was being towed was because it was the only spot where the tow truck had room to get in to hook it on. After talking with the tow truck man and the officer we paid $20.00 cash and the car was released. After laughing about the situation we finally left the airport. 30 minutes or so on our journey SB on I-15 the cavalier began to slow down. Once again in a nonchalant attitude, Dallin casually made it across 4 lanes of traffic to the shoulder, where we determined we had run out of gas. The problem was the gauge was telling us different. We called Gary and Tara who happened to be close, and asked them to bring us gas. No more than 5 minutes after they agreed to come, a HIGHWAY PATROL truck rolled up behind us. After telling him the situation he waited until Gary and Tara had arrived with our gasoline. It was one disaster to another. We finally made it back to Provo alive and well…. However the Saga continues… a few days ago Dallin received a letter stating that he owed Salt Lake City $50.00 for the ticket we apparently got that day. He fought it through an email and ended up only having to pay $10.00 instead. We showed them! So it was a tale of unfortunate events, however it could have been worse. It can always be worse. So I guess I rather have bad luck than no luck…


So it's been a while, and I'm going to be backtracking here a little... but between my travels from Atlanta to Provo I had a few interesting sightings. One of the things I actually got a picture of. I saw a man with a legit hook. Like a captain hook. He was typing on a laptop too... interesting. I tried to sneak a few pictures and have done some editing to hopefully give you glimpse of the amazing sighting I had in the Denver airport.