Monday, February 11, 2013


we have just experienced the fastest 8 weeks ever. Claire was in her helmet for exactly 2 months.
and now she's done.
check out her brand spankin' new head. it's awesome.

leaving the orthotics office someone said she was "a cute little guy, a handsome little boy..." I think we will have to replace the pink helmet with a lot of pink bows.
A few more weeks of physical therapy to resolve the Torticollis and she will be good to go.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

the rest of winter break...

It's February. I still haven't blogged about the rest of our 6 week Atlanta Christmas vacation, so here's the quick run down.

We went to Medieval Times- ate delicious food with our hands. cheered on the blue team, and lost our voices. 
Attempted family pictures- it was the first time everyone had been together in 4 years.
Explored the Georgia Aquarium- saw the dolphin show and peered around hoards of people at the fish tanks.

Claire got use to her helmet and didn't mind it at all.
Sang karaoke, ate tons of good food, went panning for gold, shopping, saw a lot of movies, Drew played with all of his cousins and started to acknowledge his sister. Both the babes enjoyed leisurely baths and all the attention.

It was a great vacation. The warm weather didn't make it easy to come back to the frigid temperatures of Ithaca... but we were excited to get back and to reunite with friends. Spencer also passed his half way point of law school, time sure flies when you're having fun.