Monday, March 29, 2010

The View From Here...

Let's try and see if you can figure out what I have been doing for the past long two weeks of my life from the following images...
If you guessed lounging around gaining weight and transforming into something rather soft and undesirable, you would be correct! (Although it is a little bit more than just that) I have been put on strict bed rest and am able to get up only to go to the bathroom. Some of you maybe thinking, "What a life!" But in fact it is far from that. The pains in my back and pressure in my pelvis confirmed that I have a bulging (I love that word) uterus, also known as a prolapsed uterus. I figured that after getting the abdominal cerclage I would be free from the confinements of bedrest but little did I know that when a part of you is radiated to kill something i.e. Kidney Cancer, it kills a lot of other things too. My ovaries are little dried raisins which is miraculous that some viable eggs still remain. (Anyone remember my colon problem 3 years ago? Yup, Radiation.) My cervix is weak unable to uphold the weight of a baby. And now the muscles that surround my uterus are too pathetic to hold the uterus in it's beautiful little pear like figure causing it to fall into my pelvis resulting in plenty of pain and pressure (did I already mention that?) I now see my doctor every week to determine what our next step is. And as of right now- BEDREST and plenty of it... like 17 more weeks to carry to fullterm. My sweet MIL (Mother-in-Law) has been attending my classes for me and recording the lectures on tape so I can follow along with my class. My professors have been understanding and are working with me so that I can complete this semester (only 3 weeks left!). But my days are long and boring. Spencer places food by the couch before he leaves for school and 8 hours later comes to replenish whatever from the pile I have eaten (which is usually everything- I am turning into a whale). We have had friends and family help with meals, cleaning, and just coming to visit which has been such a great help. My sister even bought us a Netflix subscription which has been awesome to help pass the time.

Did you know that a pigeon has a gestation period of 11 days?
Never thought I would say this but, I wish I was a pigeon.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Name Game

When people find out you are pregnant some of the usual questions are
"When are you due?"
"How are you feeling?"
"What is it?" and
"Do you have a name?"

 Unfortunately we don't have a name as of yet, but hopefully we still have a lot of time to think about it. A name is really important, and in some cases (resumes and applications) it precedes you. Which is why we want it to be a normal name.

But I couldn't help but think about the possibility of naming him Elliot, Jack or Jimmer.
Detective Elliot Stabler- Law & Order SVU, Jack Bauer- 24, and of course THE Jimmer Fredette

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Daffodil Days

The daffodil symbolizes Spring, rebirth, hope and new beginnings. For some it is a new beginning of a Cancer-Free future. The Cancer Society has organized Daffodil Days where they offer daffodils in exchange for a donation. Each spring I think about the daffodils and those still fighting cancer. The spring time is particularly important to me because that was when I was pronounced Cancer Free. So make sure you get out there and purchase your daffodils throught the Cancer Society.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Coupon Clipper

Some of my friends are really good little savvy shoppers. They buy $100 worth of merchandise for $15. The other day I picked up the paper to read the article on the front cover that caught my eye. It was about a girl that confessed she cheats at BYU (artilcle here). As well, some lovely coupon inserts were shoved inside. I took one look and went back to the recycling bin to find more inserts. I gathered 20 or so, headed to the library and started clipping. I'm such a savvy shopper.Later I showed Spencer just exactly what I had gotten. Over 20 coupons to Arby's for a FREE small curly fry. (No Purchase Necessary) So perhaps its not the best (or the healthiest) kind of coupon to collect. But it's a start.

Thursday, March 04, 2010


March 3rd was my birthday. I drove to Salt Lake by myself. I drove to Salt Lake by myself to see the Cardiologist. I drove to Salt Lake by myself to see the Cardiologist and locked the keys in the car. I drove to Salt Lake by myself to see the Cardiologist and locked the keys in the car, on my birthday. (Everything at the appointment went well) It was the part when I tried to leave, so I could join Spencer again for birthday festivities, that was the bad part. I left the parking garage and headed back to the hospital. I retraced my steps and eventually saw the key (our last spare) on the front seat. After a couple of phone calls some roadside assistance was there to help me. I have done this once (or ten times) before.
So when the guy (Kevin) came I thought, "Perfect, I'll be out of here in just a second..." But then he got out some weird gadgets. Things I had never seen before. He pulled out some bendy stick and duct tape. He ripped some duct tape off and rolled it into a little ball that he put on the end of the stick. A couple minutes later he pulled it out and replaced it with a fresh ball because the last one had "lost it's stickiness." Then I asked Kevin, "what about those things you just slip down the side of the door, jiggle a little and presto- you're in?" He told me something about how "those things" (also known as SlimJims) can cause wiring problems or set off the side airbags. So I waited. And waited, and waited... He managed to pop the trunk with his bendy stick-but then I told him the back seat doesn't fold down. Then he got some bright idea to send some copper wire down there with a little lasso tied on the end. If he could just get the lasso around the key, tighten the loop and pull it out, I would be on my way. After many attempts the key finally made its way out of the car.
Before I left I asked, "What do you do if the keys are in a purse, the ignition, or no where to be seen?" He replied, "I've never failed yet..." walking away as if his parting phrase was inspiring. When I joined Spencer we enjoyed some delectable PF Changs, and he told me that we can officially celebrate my birthday all week (which has been great so far). I told him the story about Kevin over dinner and we both just laughed. Kevin is officially off our list of baby names.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Mother's Tuition

Last week we had our official anatomy ultrasound appointment. Everything looked great. Measuring normal (even a little ahead)
On the drive up to the University Hospital I asked Spencer, "What do you think it is?"
Spencer: "I don't know..."
Me: "Oh, come on just humor me with any guess"
Spencer: "I think it's a baby." (He's so witty)
 We sat in the ultrasound room with a huge TV on the wall. My bladder was nice and full and the pressure of the ultrasound wand wasn't helping my cause. The sonographer (sweet name for a profession) told us it was being stubborn. She asked me to go empty my bladder half way. HALFWAY? Is that possible? yes. yes it is. I did it. And I came out of the bathroom with a big grin from ear to ear. Who thought something so simple could make me so proud? I crawled back on the bed and there it was. 
Me: "IT'S A BOY!!!!" I yelled.
Spencer: "Yes it is."
Me: "I knew it, I knew it. I told you Spencer. I was right! It's my mother's tuition"
Spencer: "Intuition."
Me: "Whatever."

Needless to say, we are VERY, VERY excited.
The little bundle of BOY is due to arrive near the end of July.