Monday, June 25, 2007

(Spray)Paint it Gold.

I was going to see if I could go all summer without another post. But I decided I was out of place asking others to update when its been over a month for me. Well Rexburg is nice. It’s really hot and dry. We rarely have rain (which is a nice thing when all I have to get around is a bike) Nothing is really new here. I’ve just been doing a lot of school work, working on raising my GPA. I’m hoping to pull off a 4.0 this semester (we will see). I ride my bike everywhere. I recently gave it a new paint job. I spray painted it gold. I’ve already been receiving a lot more attention for it. People must think I’m so wealthy on my gold D.I. bike. Anyway, we have been doing some bridge jumping and have had about 4 trips to the lake over the last few weeks. In late May my roommates and I took a trip to Las Vegas for Memorial Day weekend. We ate plenty of IN-N-OUT and saw plenty of sites. The weather was really nice when we were there too. Since Vegas not much else has been going on. Rexburg got a REDBOX (the $1.00 a night movie rental) and soon we will have a temple, so I feel like the “REXBURG BECOMING THE NEXT PROVO” predictions are coming along. About two weeks ago we had the 50 lap spirit relay. Last year our ward wore black clothing head to toe and placed 4th in the overall relay. This semester 56th ward was dressed in red and I’m not sure if we placed because my roommates and I left right after we ran. The first day of rain that Rexburg had had in a long time happened to fall on the night of the relay. I was UNfortunate enough to be running the opening lap for my wards team. For those of you that know me, know that I am NOT a runner. And for some reason when you are running in a pack with other people you just become burned out really easy. So we had to run the opening lap into the stadium which WASN’T very fun at all. School is going well. I’m doing fairly well in all my classes. My “FUN” class is probably also my hardest class. Culinary Arts. I’m learning a lot of great techniques in that class but there is also a lot of busywork and paperwork that go a long with all the fun things we do. School pretty much runs my life, which is probably a good thing; because that is the whole reason I am in Rexburg. So besides attending a few themed parties (Black&White and 80’s) here and there, a little lake action, a few bike rides, hiking 'R' Mountain, shopping, and lounging, I am a 100% devoted student (I know my parents loved reading that). As I’m sure you can all tell, I don’t have much to blog about which is why I haven’t made an update in quite a while. I hope to be updating more regularly though, and I hope to see the same from many of you.