Saturday, May 22, 2010

One Year

Today we celebrated one year since we became an eternal family of three. 
Spencer started the day off right by attending the March of Dimes walk.
Thank you so much to all of you that donated.

We've grown a lot as a couple throughout this last year, and continue to do so through this trial of me being strapped to the couch. It is incredible that even though our baby girl lived for a short time, that her impact on our life could be so vast. What an amazing privilege it is to know that you have a celestial daughter of God sealed to you.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Double Dog Dare

Instead of buying maternity clothes I've opted to just wear old Halloween costumes.
Spencer dared me to wear this African Muumuu Dress to my appointment today, and despite feeling like a large purple flying squirrel, it was great.
You know you are dressed weird when the only thing people manage to say is, "Wow, that looks comfortable..."

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mobile Uploads- Chapter 2

(Chapter One of the Mobile Uploads series can be seen here)

 My phone is filled with awkward profile shots of me trying to distinguish just how large my double chin is getting. (Think of that red piece of flesh hanging from a turkey's neck- formally known as a wattle) So when I tried to maneuver a picture of my neck for the hundredth time (I sound so vain) a message saying "LOW MEMORY" popped up on the screen. So in order to appease my phone I deleted a couple (hundred) pictures and uploaded a few others.

  Fantasizing about life outside our little apartment.

 Spencer made (tiny) blueberry waffles on Mother's Day. He was very cautious about how much batter he put in so that there wasn't extra oozing down the sides. 

Enjoying our handicap pass

 Just another day at the hospital looking awkward in my sassy gown.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our Baby Cougar

My friend Casey is the academic planner ("Team Mom") for the Men's Basketball team. She has the privilege (and honor) of having all of the players phone numbers in order to call them and remind them about assignments and tests they might have. When Casey learned of my obsession (see other posts here and here) she knew immediately what she would be getting for our little boy...
 (A BYU onesie signed by Jimmer Fredette)
 I was happy to hear that Jimmer withdrew his name from the NBA draft, in order to return to BYU for his senior season. I can't wait to take the little one to a game in his autographed shirt!

I might just have to put Jimmer back on the list for possible names. 

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Third Trimester Virgin

8 (long) weeks ago, when I started this journey on bedrest, my doctor was unsure of just exactly how long this pregnancy would last. He told us that 28 weeks would be a great goal to get to. I looked at the calendar and immediately decided that if I was still pregnant at 28 weeks I would eat a (delicious Costco) churro in honor of Cinco de Mayo. On the other hand if I wasn't pregnant at 28 weeks Spencer would proceed to call me his Third Trimester Virgin. Two pregnancies and I had never been there-- UNTIL NOW.
We didn't exactly spend the second trimester on a BabyMoon, setting up a baby nursery or enjoying the spring weather but I've made it to the Third Trimester- THE FINAL STRETCH! I feel liberated.  I feel calm knowing that if Spencer Jr. came now that his chance of survival is at least 80%. I feel strong and powerful. and I feel very FAT.
Lately I have been compared to someone incarcerated in a prison-- Looking forward to visitors and mealtime. I believe I gain weight just thinking about eating. My dreams lately have somewhat switched gears from the nightmares of doing my own c-section with a dull rock in a forest, to dreams of working out and walking. These appendages I once called "legs" are unfamiliar sausage-like-links attached to my body. Oh how far I have fallen (and that churro didn't help) I have already begun to plan my postpartum workouts and develop the "ULTIMATE WORKOUT" playlist. 
 (Yes, I am wearing one of Spencer's Mexico t-shirts- I really got into the theme of the day)

I am still trying my best to incubate this little one and keep him inside for a number of more weeks- but the thought of walking to the mailbox or outside to enjoy the beautiful weather is beginning to consume me. I've been told that bedrest is one of the hardest things you can do, and now I fully stand behind that statement. It may not be the "Perfect Pregnancy" but it is a pregnancy, which is what matters and what we are grateful for. However, the end is near and in a weird way we are both glad how long this bedrest phase has lasted (We hope for 12 more weeks of bedrest and a healthy baby boy, but lets be honest- I can't wait to NOT be pregnant).
 My dear Aunt Carol dropped off this lovely cake this morning in honor of reaching 28 weeks. I wouldn't mind if the 2 miraculously turned into a 3 over night. But if we're on the topic of wishful thinking, then I wouldn't mind if the cake had magic powers to help me lose 20lbs when I devour it.

[Thank you all for the packages, letters, and meals, and most importantly all of the prayers.]