Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the deed is done...

 Well, I said I was going to cut my own bangs again... Prior to moving to Ithaca I thought my celebrity-look-alike was Demi Moore-- but after moving here I've heard Zooey Deschanel? So as I googled the name and images popped up one thing lead to another and I decided to give my bangs a  chop... It's just hair but I'm still kind of freaking out and getting use to what I see in the mirror.
So what's the verdict?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Ithacans Hike Gorges

 On Saturday we enjoyed the warm weather and explored some of the gorges and waterfalls around Ithaca. The leaves are just starting to change so the scenery was really beautiful. We hiked up Buttermilk falls with the MacLennans. The babies that were strapped in to contraptions did great. Graham did great too throwing rocks and sticks into the water. 
It was a lot steeper than I was expecting and my calves are still a little sore.

We had barely gotten back to our apartment when some more neighbors (Robbins/DeGroots) were heading out on another hike to Taughannock Falls. It was a little more flat than our earlier excursion and had a whole different type of scenery going on. It was nice to explore these parks before the weather turns too cold to leave the house.
 Drew's hair got a little damp as we got close to the waterfall which really showed off his luscious locks. 
There's not much there but it's a start...

Thursday, September 22, 2011


If you already didn't know about my huge white streak you can read about it HERE. Minus the cowlick, the whitestreak and widows peek I guess my hair is ok. But being on a student budget you find cheap ways to color and cut your hair. and no matter how many times I ruin my hair, I seem to always find a way to ruin it again a few months later. Has anyone noticed how I've had my bangs twisted and pinned for family pictures the last couple months? well that would be because I cut my own bangs. Now that they've grown out I'm thinking of trimming them again... we'll see how they turn out. 
Moral of the story: don't cut your own hair before family pictures (or ever)

Friday, September 09, 2011

Long Weekend

My parents made the 16 hour drive north from Atlanta with a car full of furniture. Two weeks in and we already had our first visitors- at this rate we will have some 70 visitors over the next 3 years --you better schedule your weekend now. Lucky for us they brought dressers so we were finally able to take our clothes off the floor and out of the suitcases. I can't wait to see what the next two weeks bring- we might even manage to get a couch or a television.

Even though they were here for a short time we managed to jam in a lot of things. We went to the Ithaca Farmers Market in 100% humidity. My upper lip had permasweat.  G-lo (Grandma Loraine) got right into the spirit of things walking from vendor to vendor buying fresh fruits and vegetables. We went the first week we lived here and enjoyed the light breeze off of Cayuga Lake, this time it felt like we had been swimming in the lake. We ate all the purchases on Sunday in a delicious vegetable medley.
After spending some time at the Farmers Market we went over to Wegmans to cool off and eat some lunch. Wegmans is a grocery store that has a legit cafeteria in it. It has great sushi, a huge variety of hummus, and plenty of warm entrees served buffet style. I'm starting to see why people here are obsessed with Wegmans, or affectionately referred to as "Weggies"
Just getting refreshed with some W-UP
I told you I was sweating at the Farmers Market.

After church on Sunday we explored the 800 acres of Cornell campus. Spencer showed off the beautiful historical architecture of the law school and some of his classrooms. As we were walking under stone archways the bell tower hit 6:00pm and "Hedwig's Theme" from Harry Potter rang out across campus. Who needs to visit Harry Potter World when you can just come see Ithaca?

Drew's favorite part of the day was getting his face lovingly shoved into the trees by Spencer.

After a great weekend and a lot of help sprucing up our place they left early Monday morning to make the trek home. The three of us headed the other direction to Syracuse in torrential downpour. The mall was huge (and really busy), Syracuse University was cool, and Dinosaur BBQ was amazing. We opted to get our BBQ to-go since Drew was passed out in the back seat.  We didn't exactly get to enjoy the whole atmosphere part of the restaurant, which actually is a great excuse for us to go back.