Wednesday, April 24, 2013


- Claire's got 5 teeth and is walking around furniture. Just like her brother she received her fangs a few weeks ago and recently started getting the teeth between the fangs. Her hair is coming in great although she hates any form of headband/clip in her practically translucent-white locks.
Drew on the left, and Claire on the right. Not the most flattering picture of Claire, but the best one we've got showing off her vampire fangs. She's even changed the way she smiles now to specifically show them off. 

-I can confidently say Drew has been potty-trained for a month. I really wanted to have it all knocked out before we move to NYC with a summer full of changes and traveling. I would say it was a really successful way to spend spring break in March, and he cooperated really well. He is loving his spiderman underwear.

- I went to the city for a girls weekend this past weekend. (More about that HERE on Emily's blog)

- Spencer starts his internship in the concrete jungle in 4 weeks and I am getting nervous. "Getting Nervous" might be an understatement. We have found a place half the size of our apartment in Ithaca, and twice the price. Hoping for happy, easy babes that want to hang out in public parks all day for the 10 weeks we're there.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


-we decorated and rolled eggs.
-the babes found eggs and Easter baskets Sunday morning
My only request was to take pictures before church, but with all the excitement of chocolate and plastic eggs, that didn't happen. So we took pictures when we got home. Problem was Drew enjoyed a rootbeer float at church and spilled it all over himself so if he looks filthy, he is.
And finally, the only picture with both of them smiling.