Monday, April 23, 2012

200 days

Today is the 200th day of this pregnancy, 28.5 weeks. After the dramatic events of Drew's pregnancy I've felt that less is more. As in, the less I blog about pregnancy the faster it goes (for me and for those around me) Didn't last time just drag on? However, I felt that hitting 200 days and the third trimester was reason for a pregnancy post. Although Spencer was sure to say "just don't post a weird side profile picture of your stomach" - which I actually had all intentions of doing. Oh well.

Things are going well. I'm up to weekly appointments now, and have been driving 120 miles round trip to Syracuse, NY to see a Perinatologist there. The fact that Drew was born at 37 weeks is good to know so that I can at least go that far without having anything rupture or tear out. The abdominal cerclage that was put in 2 years ago, is still doing it's job and keep everything shut. I've been taking P17 progestrone shots since 14 weeks. The little miss is growing right on track and the time is just flying by. I'm on a modified bedrest- which means being lazy and sitting down when and where I can but obviously with a toddler around that isn't always that easy. We spend most warm days outside lounging with sidewalk chalk and bubbles.

Whenever we ask Drew where the baby is he points to my stomach, followed by his stomach and then Spencer's. So apparently we are expecting triplets. I'm just the only one in the family gaining weight. After weighing in at 202lbs the day Drew was born, then working over a year to lose 70lbs, I've been a little paranoid about gaining weight. I'm already over what my initial goal weight was for D-day and I still have 12 weeks left, so oh well, I guess it's just a number- and I'll deal with that number after she makes her debut.

200 days down, only 80 days to go.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We're only a week late posting about Easter. So since you've read about everyone's Easter, I'll just keep it brief with pictures since we did all the normal things

Saturday Easter egg hunt at the park with friends

 Sunday: Went to church with a cute outfit and had a little egg hunt at home after a nap.

Drew also woke up to a little basketball hoop in the morning. He was ecstatic. Ever since we watched a lot of March Madness he has been saying basketball and throwing things into baskets. It only made sense that we got him a little net his size. It also is nice to have something Drew can do independently while I lay on the couch and get large.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Until we moved to New York, Drew has been bald most of his life. Must be something about that moist Finger Lake air that stimulated some growth. And once he had some hair, I found it hard to cut it- even if it was a curly little mullet at the back of his head.
When our friends started to mention things like "Well at least his hair will keep his neck warm during the winter..." which then turned to "Well you don't have to worry about his neck getting sunburned" when the weather turned warm- We decided we had to do something about the corn silk locks.
So we finished off spring break by giving Drew a nice little chop, and turned our little baby into a little boy.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SB twenty twelve.

I had really high hopes of blogging a lot last week about what we've been up to lately but Spencer was at school from 7:30am-11:00pm everyday. Which was also the same week I took Drew to the emergency room for a perpetual cough accompanied by vomiting phlegm. An xray later determined pneumonia in the lungs. We slept together a lot on the couch and saw Spencer for a few minutes a day. Luckily that week is behind us and we are now all caught up on laundry.

Cornell had a week off for spring break in March which was also during a time of record heat. We didn't even have to go anywhere to get some sun. We stayed around here with my ever growing stomach being the culprit for ruining fun. However we still did a lot of interesting local things.

Saw the church historic sites in Palmyra, NY.
Drew looking sassy at the top of Hill Cumorah
 Explored the Corning Glass Museum with the Hales.
Drew standing in the middle of 600 casserole dishes.
 Ventured around Syracuse Zoo.

Had a BBQ with friends at the lake.

We also went to the Waterloo outlets and played at (what feels like) every park in Ithaca. Spring Break was awesome, and I only wish it could have lasted longer. After Spencer went back to school Drew would stand by the window the first few mornings and say "'Ere's Dadda?"