Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Latest

 (Drew thoroughly enjoying the fall colors on our walk home from school)

Last week I met with my academic advisor. If I take 16 credits next semester and two classes online for a grand total of 22 credits then I can walk in April. If not I can just take 16 credits, and the other 6 credits during spring semester and be done in June. Considering the max amount of credits I ever took pre-baby was 14 a semester- I am just plain crazy.

My classes are enjoyable and I really love all the things I am learning especially now that I am into the classes for my major (besides the stats class I still have to take.) Every Tuesday in one of my classes we turn in a 1 page paper on a certain topic our teacher assigns. We drop it on the front table as we walk in, where our professor sorts through them and chooses 3 or so interesting ones. Those students go up and summarize their  paper for the class. (Hopefully you are still following.) I am always on edge when he calls out the names, hoping that my paper doesn't qualify as greatness in order for me to avoid going up. Today he called out two names (which have slipped my mind) and on the third name he said "Jimmer" but he didn't say Jimmer. He said Himmer. Like with a Spanish accent, like one would say Jose or something. I just started laughing and thought "HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO JIMMER FREDETTE IS?" By the way, he had a great paper, if I do say so myself.

Today I was smelling onions everywhere I went. Particularly every time I would pull something out of my backpack. Later I found a little piece of onion between the pages of my U.S. Geography textbook. Spencer was obviously doing some serious Iron Chef moves last night while he was choppin'.

It's been hard to find time to exercise when extra minutes are spent writing papers or reading textbooks (or posting on this blog apparently). And even when I do exercise I am so ridiculously sore for numerous days after that there is no point. Studies have shown that bedrest can be more destructive than beneficial. Studies have also shown that hindsight is 20/20. I have been informed that being on bedrest for an extended amount of time deteriorates bone density, excels muscle loss and can result in lots of joints out of place. I feel it. I am like a 93 year old with achey hips and knees. All of this isn't helping with my weight loss endeavors. Neither are the treats our neighbor left when we were "Boo-ed" last night.

The Halloween season is upon us and I have yet to figure out costumes. So unlike me, considering Halloween is one of my most favorite times of the year. Spencer doesn't appreciate Halloween like I do, so maybe that is why there is such a lack of festivities going on in our household. Spencer has finished up with his Law School applications which is exciting and nerve wracking. It will be fun to find out where we will be this time next year.

Drew has been rolling a smidgen more here and there. He loves being on his stomach, so instead of toppling to one side or the other he lays his head down and falls asleep... But hey, I'm not complaining. He keeps his hands pretty tightfisted (which might be a sign of stinginess in his future) so tight, that when they finally do separate there is sometimes little pieces of lint in there. But he's a baby so it is cute. I can't imagine some full grown human having clammy hands and lint between their fingers.


Taylor said...

i might have laughed so hard i peed a little when I was reading your post! Seriously, your posts are always hilarious! I'm always so excited to see you have a new post up!

Oh and I just wanna snatch Drew right off the screen and give him a squeeze (but in a not creepy way)

Jason and Shannon Salmon said...

Oh he is so cute and getting so big!! We need to get together when you have a free min!! :)

Juliana said...

haha I love reading your posts- they make me laugh and then I have to read them out loud to Bryan because he wants to know why I am laughing so hard... ANYWAYS. Remember if you ever don't want to take the cute boy to class I will gladly enjoy his company! If you have a test... paper... 22 credits- whatever it is! haha Love you!

Lyssa said...

That's so exciting that you are so close to being done.
I totally feel you on the exersize part...seriously feel like an old lady. And I have zero motivation really too. but it will come and you will do awesome, lke everything you do, especially making ADORABLE babies :)

likeschocolate said...

All things in due time. I wouldn't even worry about exercizing right now. There will be plenty of time for that later.

Wilkerson Weekly said...

Come to William and Mary. Jared will share all his outlines :D

KandyJill said...

Hahaha your posts are so entertaining! You really need to blog on an almost daily basis so I can get a good laugh in every now and again! :)

I'm the same way - I do NOT know what I'm gonna be this year. I have years of creativity to live up to and it appears getting married rids me of any creativity whatsoever! I mean, I've been a grandma, a pregnant east indian couple (Karly Percifield was my husband), and a pervert with candy bars stuffed in my pockets... and this year - BLANK!

However, the crappy thing - Brady has to work month end at Melaleuca... which means he works Friday AND Saturday night :( So I think its gonna be a date with myself on those nights watching Hocus Pocus with a big bowl of popcorn! :( Dang Halloween is no fun when you can't dress all crazy with your hubby :(

Blake and Kim said...

That picture of Drew is absolutely adorable! We need to see you guys more! Good luck with school and everything

Stasia said...

Sara- Like many of your readers, I am tickled by your words! Few people are talented enough to have the gift of making others laugh and even fewer have the ability to transcend their humor into different mediums. You my friend can do it all! You should look into getting your blog published or get yourself hired to blog for a company because then you could get paid to be funny and write things that make us giggle. Ha! Miss you!

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Cindy said...

Oh my gosh he's so stinkin cute! And your schedule might suck next semester, but maybe you could get your online classes out of the way at the beginning before you start to get tons of work? Either way, June isn't too much further than April. And I always had 16 credits. It's not bad at all. Don't worry my dear!!

byufish said...

Welcome to being old....like I know! But seriously....today I went walking up the canyon with a friend. When I got back to my car my hip and surrounding muscles were screaming at me for trying something more adventurous than sitting at my computer for hours and hours each day. IGNORE THE PAIN!! Why act older than you really are? LOVE little Drew...I'm going to write a new blog...I have the cutest picture of him...remember?! LOVE YA!!

Erin said...

I have clammy lint hands, and you're right. It isn't cute.

Um, you need to be something amazing for Halloween, because you have a baby that could be either an accessory to your outfit or another member of it. You know, like you could be the village people and dress Drew up like one of them, which is awesome, but you could also be football players and make him the football. So many baby possibilities. Take advantage. And come to my party.

Lana Dawn said...

i love that picture of drew... he is so cute!! i love you and i can't wait to see what you come up with for halloween.

I'm Jena! said...

I have to take Stats...lets do it together

Courtney Bartlett Morris said...

he's dang cute!! I need more picsssss!!!

mj said...

YOu are crazy taking so many credits. I have no clue how you can do all that with your little treasure. When I was reading your blog I was afraid you were going to say you made a spelling error and instead of writing Sarah you accidentally wrote h...immer. Anyway I hope you are enjoying the semester. Almost over.