Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Baby Crib

Since the beginning of the semester we have been practicing this tradition-- girls from our tower and neighboring apartments have joined in. About once a week we push our couches together in a certain fashion to form an oversized baby crib. we watch movies, sleep, and eat in the crib for a long time until we all feel so disgusting and homeless that we get ready for the day, shower and clean up the family room. its the best sleeping arrangement we have discovered yet.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Camo Party.

Well Pinnacle (one of the MANY alarm companies in Rexburg) put on a Camo party a few weeks ago. It was kind of stupid, and they even asked us to PAY!!! however we avoided the paying by chatting with the guy at the door and walking in. I'm happy we didn't pay because the party itself was stupid. The reason we usually go to those parties is for the FREE pizza and drinks. AND THERE WEREN'T EITHER! The music wasn't that good, and 45 minutes or so into it the power went out. That's when we realized we should leave. We spent the rest of the night watching movies in our cam
o gear, most of which I bought at the army surplus store. I LOVE IT THERE. everything is cheap, and EVERYTHING is CAMO! I found a pirate flag for $4.00 and now it hangs on my wall.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Village People

I know halloween was over a month ago, but I'm playing catchup now with my blog. I'm going to try to get up to date by the end of the week with the recent events and things by doing a blog a day (HOPEFULLY!) Anyway, Halloween was fun we went as the YMCA Village People. Courtney-Construction Worker, Keali-Indian, Paige-Army Character, Kaitlan- Police Officer, Me- Biker (Danielle was suppose to be the cowboy but she ditched us for her boyfriend on Halloween!!!) Check out my SWEET Cougar tattoo...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

5 Stars

I love the Halloween season. Our apartment has been decorated since October 1st. We've attended a few of the Haunted Houses/Factories/Mills around the Eastern Idaho area but I especially liked Dr. Slaughter's House of Terror. It is an old deserted mall in Idaho Falls, similar to Brentwood Mall in Calgary... Brentwood mall might actually even be creepier because the people roaming around there aren't actors. So here is the criteria we have rated other places on- length of line, price of admission, scare factor, and entertainment. THIS PLACE IS OFF THE CHARTS IN ALL AREAS (well maybe not the scare factor) but still, I loved it. The line was reasonable. and there was entertain WHILE we were in the line. Zombies dancing to such hits as "THRILLER" in a completely choreographed dance. price of admission was $5.00, on a Saturday night. (other places are $8.00 on weekends, $5.00 weeknights) the entertain and scare factors were awesome. they had children behind an old stores display window singing creepy songs. they had a fun house section with a moving floor and spinning walls full of skulls and bones. And after the whole thing you get picked up in this trolley like bus and get taken back to the front of the parking lot. My roommate Paige and I liked it so much that we gave them our phone numbers for next year to be volunteer creepers!

Salmon to Salmon

Well the first block of Fall is over which means so are all the first block sports. I'm waiting for some more pictures to be uploaded by one of my fellow teammates, but until then I will upload the ones I have. We had a good season on both of the teams I was on. Hannah Salmon and I were on an Ultimate Frisbee and Flag Football team. Kandice Palmer was also on the Flag Football team with us. Our team, The Green Beans, an all girls team, got knocked out of the finals in the semi-final round ranking us Third for the season. Not too shabby. Some of those girls were INTEEENSE! Hannah and I had a little play called Salmon to Salmon. Well really it was just I ran out either left or right side, which ever Hannah said, and she threw it to me. We pulled it off in our last game but even with our awesome plays and sweet moves we were still defeated by the Trash Queens. In Ultimate Frisbee our Co-ed team made it to the Championships. Once again The "Eh" Team was reunited from last season. Adding a few new players (Hannah being one of them) and losing a few others. Our regular season wasn't too hot, but we pulled through when it got to the tournament. win after win we moved up the bracket until our last game where we played the 1st ranked team. we lead the game 6-5 until the last minute when the scored. 5 minutes of overtime were put on the clock and in the end we lost by a single point. The wind was not in our favor and neither was the lack of substitutes. they had 14 players, only needing 7 on the field at a time. They constantly had fresh legs and a height advantage on us. Their shortest male player was still 6'2". Hannah played an outstanding game. She was better then some of the guys on our team even hahaha. I pulled my hamstring in a game earlier in the week so Hannah definitely picked up the slack. Everyone in the stadium was whispering "Who's that girl?!" and I proudly yelled out "THAT'S MY COUSSSSIN!" So although we didn't end up with the most coveted Intramural Champion T-shirt we still had a fun season.

DBW. (Dance Battle Wednesdays)

Well for any of you that have ever attended BYU-Idaho or Ricks College or lived in Rexburg will understand when I attempt to explain DBW. Well, Rexburgians (Locals and College Students) are always trying to come up with great ideas to make Rexburg cool, trendy and fun. These attempts have had reasonable success but often phase out after a few months, or when the semester is over, or even if those that started the event graduate. Currently the "TRENDY EVENT" is DBW. Dance Battle Wednesdays. DBW has been going strong now since winter semester. It started out in the lounges and clubhouses of various apartment complexes and grew to the point of needing to rent out the REX center on Wednesday nights. I attended my FIRST DBW a few weeks ago when it was held at the Rexburg Airport. The flyers always say "SPECIAL GUESTS, DJ's and DANCERS" which really holds no value when the "Special Guest" is your FHE brother or hometeacher. Regardless my roommates (who are avid DBW attenders) and I went to this particular DBW. Special Guests from MTV were suppose to be attending and Dance Battlers from Utah, California and Colorado were also expected to be present. To make a long story short... People dance battled it out for over an hour and a half while we stood there watching. This asian ballerina chick even got up and started dancing elegantly to hiphop. That was the point when the whole thing ended and they turned the music on for everyone in the audience who paid $3.00 to stand in a large circle, to finally get their chance to dance. All in all I was glad I attended just so know what it was like, but I can't make any guarantees that I will attend again in the future. It is every Wednesday night 8:00pm-11:00pm. Break dancers spin around on their backs, heads and hands while poor college students pay the price of a subway sandwich to watch... if you ask me, this perhaps is the best CON/trend that has ever hit Rexburg. Other past events I can recall that didn't survive include: Ultimate Fighting Mondays (After being spiritually uplifted at FHE, boxing with absolutely no rules took place in various locations around town each Monday at 9:00pm) This event was eventually shutdown by the school and the local police. Fugitive Fridays (Friday nights people would meet at Porter or Smith Park to join in a giant game of Fugitive) this was probably my favorite event thus far. As you can see from the pictures, I battled it out a little myself too at DBW.

Utah Trip

Well a while ago we went to Utah for a quick trip for conference. I didn't get the chance to even see any of my FAMILY! It was a short trip, and we were unfortunate not to get or have any tickets for conference. It was a rainy weekend so basically a lot of shopping was done inside the mall. You never realize how small Rexburg is until you go to somewhere bigger like Provo... Or I guess even Idaho Falls. We played a lot of Mafia and games when we stayed at Paige's house. Utah is always fun to visit because it always is like one big reunion. I was able to see friends that have graduated or that have transfered schools and visit with them all. It was a fun but SHORT weekend. Sorry I didn't get around to seeing my Utah Cousins (And Aaron and Stacey)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

September 29, 2007. SNOW DAY.

That is right, it is snowing today in Rexburg. I have been in school for a little over two weeks now. My apartment has the best chemistry. Everyone gets along really well and we love being with each other. I’m in the same ward still (56th ward) and I love it. I am still a Relief Society teacher, which is really fun. School is in full force now which means I find myself in the testing center almost every other day. Not much has been happening in Rexburg. The first week of school we had nice weather and my whole apartment went and played in the river. There have been two huge bonfires which most of the school attended both out at the sand dunes. I hate the sand dunes. Its windy and sand gets in everything. You come home smelling like smoke (and laundry isn’t cheap here) and the whole point of the event is to get dressed up and mingle with people… BUT YOU CAN’T EVEN SEE ANYONE CAUSE YOU ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT AT NIGHT! However I did attend both bonfires as a result of having absolutely NOTHING else to do. APX alarm threw their annual fall party which wasn’t as impressive as last falls event. I guess I am just becoming all partied out. I am on a co-ed ultimate Frisbee team (The “EH” team) and a girls flag football team (GreenBeans) they’re both really fun, except when we have horrible weather, like today… I'm on both teams with my cousin Hannah, and on the flag football team with Kandice Palmer. Oh, and Kaiti Pratt came up to visit Rexburg a week ago. (COME BACK SOON) I'll try to update again soon. I don't have anything to blog about like... oh I don't know... A BABY?!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday.

Bahahahaha... Every time I think about this cheap cellophane type banner hanging above one of the windows in my family’s kitchen I begin to laugh. I think it is going on almost one year of being there in the same place. I know for a fact that it was up last Christmas, when Dahl was at our home celebrating his 2nd birthday. But, it could have been up long before that. And after I leave for school, in a few short days, who knows how much longer it will remain above the window. A few weeks ago my mom asked me to take it down, but then quickly retracted the request when she realized, Matt’s birthday was just around the corner (August 9th). Just this weekend we were going to take it down again, but realized Lisa’s birthday is on Wednesday. Shortly after that we will be celebrating Matt and Lisa’s baby’s birth, and that birthday will be followed by Mike’s on October 22nd… In other words, I feel as if this 99cent cellophane banner is here to stay…

Monday, July 23, 2007

Homeward Bound

Well I will be leaving Rexburg in less then 24 hours, and before I did so I wanted to finish off the semester with a new post. I can’t believe this will only be my third post this semester. I’m going to try to do better during the fall semester. Summer semester activities are always the same anyway… Boating, swimming, and eating plenty of popsicles and cool treats. (By the way, for those of you lucky enough to have a Maverick (the gas station) in your area they have the BEEEEST frozen yogurt. It’s Danon Non-Fat Yogurt, mmmm delicious. The flavors change daily, you serve your self from the yogurt machine, and it’s CHEAP. It’s so good; I don’t know what I will do for 7 weeks while I am in Atlanta. Not all Mavericks have it though, but keep your eyes peeled. The best one I’ve had thus far has been NY Cheesecake and a Very Strawberry in a TWIST…) Anyway so the semester just flew right by. I had a final project in my culinary arts class where I had to cook a meal for atleast 6 people (there was plenty of paperwork and planning involved, which was annoying, but the eating part was FABULOUS!) I went with a French theme, which called for so many delicious dishes. Finals ended on Wednesday, and mostly everyone left Rexburg then, or shortly before then even. So I have been in Rexburg a lone for a while, when the college is closed this city almost becomes a ghost town. The last weekend before finals Danielle, Paige and I decided we would go to a party that we received a flyer for. It read “BRING BACK THE FUNK” with a guy and a big afro on it. typically, this would mean a 70’s party. So the three of us dressed according to the 70’s. tye-dye shirts, 70’s bands t-shirts, faded jeans, and wavy hair… upon arriving we saw people dressed in spandex and bright colors and nasty plastic jewelry. (the plastic jewelry and leggings is oddly enough back in right now too) but anyway, EVERYONE ELSE WAS DRESSED 80’s! We were so confused, and since the party was lame with about 20 people dancing in a circle, we left soon after. The lack of guests could have been to the bad publicity. Whatever. I had the chance to go down to go down to Logan for 4th of July. IT WAS A BLLLLAST. I always love going to the Lee’s. It’s nice to have real home cooked meals once in a while, and we ALWAYS have the best food there. We had our ward closing social last weekend. It was nice and hot out and we were at the lake for almost 12 hours!! There were only two people that got hurt out of all 100 of us. Me and my friend Emily. I just bit a little hole in my lip and my chin had a bruise on it for a few days from where my knee had hit it. She on the other hand completely broke her nose and just got it set on Thursday. On Sunday a lot of names were called for being released from their callings, but “SARA SALMON” was never called. Later I was told I would be a relief society teacher in the fall, the one picture is after my lesson about a month ago. The Rexburg temple is ALMOST done too! Anyway, I need to get to bed here in a bit, I have a full day of traveling tomorrow. I’ll snap a few pictures of the 20 passenger plane I’ll be on from Idaho Falls to Salt Lake – SCARY!

Monday, June 25, 2007

(Spray)Paint it Gold.

I was going to see if I could go all summer without another post. But I decided I was out of place asking others to update when its been over a month for me. Well Rexburg is nice. It’s really hot and dry. We rarely have rain (which is a nice thing when all I have to get around is a bike) Nothing is really new here. I’ve just been doing a lot of school work, working on raising my GPA. I’m hoping to pull off a 4.0 this semester (we will see). I ride my bike everywhere. I recently gave it a new paint job. I spray painted it gold. I’ve already been receiving a lot more attention for it. People must think I’m so wealthy on my gold D.I. bike. Anyway, we have been doing some bridge jumping and have had about 4 trips to the lake over the last few weeks. In late May my roommates and I took a trip to Las Vegas for Memorial Day weekend. We ate plenty of IN-N-OUT and saw plenty of sites. The weather was really nice when we were there too. Since Vegas not much else has been going on. Rexburg got a REDBOX (the $1.00 a night movie rental) and soon we will have a temple, so I feel like the “REXBURG BECOMING THE NEXT PROVO” predictions are coming along. About two weeks ago we had the 50 lap spirit relay. Last year our ward wore black clothing head to toe and placed 4th in the overall relay. This semester 56th ward was dressed in red and I’m not sure if we placed because my roommates and I left right after we ran. The first day of rain that Rexburg had had in a long time happened to fall on the night of the relay. I was UNfortunate enough to be running the opening lap for my wards team. For those of you that know me, know that I am NOT a runner. And for some reason when you are running in a pack with other people you just become burned out really easy. So we had to run the opening lap into the stadium which WASN’T very fun at all. School is going well. I’m doing fairly well in all my classes. My “FUN” class is probably also my hardest class. Culinary Arts. I’m learning a lot of great techniques in that class but there is also a lot of busywork and paperwork that go a long with all the fun things we do. School pretty much runs my life, which is probably a good thing; because that is the whole reason I am in Rexburg. So besides attending a few themed parties (Black&White and 80’s) here and there, a little lake action, a few bike rides, hiking 'R' Mountain, shopping, and lounging, I am a 100% devoted student (I know my parents loved reading that). As I’m sure you can all tell, I don’t have much to blog about which is why I haven’t made an update in quite a while. I hope to be updating more regularly though, and I hope to see the same from many of you.