Monday, November 11, 2013


The verb wait means to stay in place until something else happens. As a noun, wait refers to the time spent waiting.

Homophones don't typically mean the same thing but right now weight and wait have a similar meaning to me. 

I started a new dose of anti-thyroid medication for my graves disease. Turns out one of the biggest symptoms is weight gain. I knew that before I started and decided that I would take it, adjust my thyroid, go to the gym 5-6 days a week and track all my food intake on I embarked on a Biggest Loser Competition with friends back home via the internet which included weigh-ins, measurements and before pictures. At this point I wouldn't mind if my before pictures were now my after pictures.
(Disclaimer: the scar on my stomach is from my kidney removal)
Drew already wearing Christmas pajamas back in September
In 9 weeks I have gained 11lbs and my thyroid still needs more medication to become "regulated."

And now I am a mental case. Looking to buy a parasite. Not leaving the house cause no clothes fit. Not wanting to buy clothes until I lose weight. I even took a pregnancy test to try and wrap my head around my growing middle. But alas, I don't have a uterus which makes that option nearly impossible. I got a rid of a lot of my larger clothes as a way to emotionally get over the fact that I wouldn't be pregnant again, and now I really need those clothes back. (my thoughts: If I can't get pregnant, I'll at least try to have a great body)

Drew saw me taking my tiny white pill and asked "are you sick?" and I said no. Then he said "why do you take that medicine?" ...I told him it's to just make me feel a little better and I realized how observant kids are at this age. I walked over and put our scale into the closet so that he wouldn't see me get on every morning and get off in disappointment and remember his mom as a crazy lady.  

My doctor says weight... I mean wait. And that waiting game is hard. I've been frustrated with my lack of results which has turned into a lack of motivation. But I am hoping to have this thyroid thing all figured out in the next few months and then I can focus on the minor things (weight) and slowly become a bit less psychotic. 

Last week I was standing in front of the mirror and I had Claire wrapped around one leg and Drew wrapped around the other and realized they don't care if my thighs measure 20inches or 200inches. They don't see physical flaws that I might see or use to compare myself with others. They just see their mom. 

So with that, we're off to the gym. 

I'm going to wait, and while I'm weighting I might eat a pumpkin cookie or two.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013


We've been busy.

End of September Drew started preschool. He loves it. He attends Monday, Wednesday, Friday for two hours.

October 1st Drew and Claire had there well checkups. We've got big healthy babies.

October brought a lot of quintessential fall activities. Apple picking, pumpkin patches, beautiful fall leaves, Ithaca's Apple Fest, cider and donuts,  farm animals, eating a lot of root vegetables, and nightly walks to name a few.

For the last two years one of the best things about October has been fall break. First year: Boston, second year: Philadelphia, and now we can add Montreal to the list.

Every city we have explored we have loved. I think it has something to do with the time of year that we visit. The weather in Montreal was absolutley perfect. We spent 3 nights in a nice little hotel with an awesome pool and great breakfast. We explored the Montreal Botanical gardens (which had been decked out in a Halloween theme) Notre Dame and Old Town Montreal. We walked along the St. Lawrence river walk and spent a few hours at a park where Drew played with little French Canadians that he couldn't communicate with. We drove through a misty Mount Royale cemetery on Canadian Thanksgiving and ate more poutine than anyone should.

Spencer laughed and said that I spent my time in Montreal trying to relive my childhood. Although there are a lot of differences between Eastern and Western Canada I was still able to find a few things that reminded me of Calgary... Costco Poutine. The best poutine of the trip. Tiger icecream (which we ate in the car and tossed at the border) Ketchup chips and plenty of Canadian chocolate bars (not candy bars) that barely even lasted us the 5 hour drive home. We went to four grocery stores before we found the tiger ice cream but even after four stores I still wasn't satisfied with my findings (Old Dutch chips?). I guess we will have to visit Calgary for our next school break.

October also brought Drew calling me "Momma Sara" and "Dude"
He started swimming lessons at our YMCA. Considering he didn't want to get his hair wet when he started and now three weeks later he'll jump into the pool and put his head under- I think they have been worth it.

Near the end of October we got some family pictures taken. First time we've done something like that and it was actually pretty successful. Our neighbor, Elyse, did a great job working with the kids and being patient with our lack of modeling skills. Per usual, the Ithaca fall leaves did not disappoint as the perfect background to our pictures.

I should probably leave the Halloween part of October to another post since we did an insane amount of things. The kids wore their costumes (Tinkerbell and Jake the pirate) 7 times. Not to mention their "alternate Halloween outfits" for days when their costumes were being washed. Oh, and Drew slept in Skeleton pajamas just about everyday of October. To say that he loves Halloween, would still be an understatement. We went to almost every local party (including Trick-or-Treating at Wegmans) His preschool class party, two different parties at the YMCA, our branch party and a couple other things here and there. The actual day of Halloween was cold and raining. We decided to go out when the rain stopped and said we would only go for about 30 minutes. Two hours later we came home with a very happy 3 year old and way too much candy.

October has been good to us.