Monday, December 18, 2006

Lots of pictures, little words and little time.

I just thought I would post this really fast. A lot happened this weekend, I just don't have a lot of time to write about all the events. We had our ward Christmas party, it was really nice. Spur of the moment I was asked to read a Christmas book and tell everyone how it was one of my favorites… the problem was, I had never read or even seen the book. Friday night me and some of the girls went up to the biggest, prettiest, and nicest cabin ever. We went to Island Park for Jenn’s bachlorette party. We made an awesome dinner and had sundaes for dessert. The cabin had 9 beds! And all these cool crawl spaces and lofts. It was our high councilmen’s cabin, so it was FREE too! Saturday morning we left he cabin early and drove the hour ride to Targhee where we snowboarded the day away until it closed. I haven’t been snowboarding since I lived in Calgary, probably 6 years ago! But I actually didn’t do too badly and I almost wish I was staying for winter semester! It’s an expensive hobby though. (Aaron, I want to go when I come to Provo on Wednesday). Sunday I gave a talk in church about a Christmas topic of my choice. I went with Mary and her Sacrifices made to give birth to the Savior. Sunday night we had a roommate dinner of about 100 different dishes. We were trying to use all of our food up before we all head out. My roommate Jill even bought some Crab Legs (it wasn’t something we exactly had “laying around” but they were nice to eat anyway). We did our Secret Santa gift exchange as well and Jacquie got me some nice earrings and a gift card to American Eagle. The semester has flown by! I have 2 finals today, and then I just have to clean and pack up.

(P.S. the picture of me playing nintendo was Courtney going around taking pictures of all of us in our "Natural Habitat" and the picture of the bomb pops has a lot of significance. For those of you that know... I have found that they are the cure to my intestine problem… )

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Final Stretch...

Time is flying! I can’t believe Thanksgiving was already a few weeks ago. It was a fun trip too. I was in Provo for a few days where I got to spend some time with Mike, and Jordan before he heads off on his mission. The weather was really nice too. Carol and I drove up to Logan Wednesday afternoon. Upon arriving Erin, Russell, Alison and I went rock climbing at some indoor place. We laughed a lot, especially when Russell found a dead mouse in his rock-climbing shoes. Thanksgiving Day was spent indulge on all of Aunt Diane’s finest creations. That Friday we attended the Nutcracker Ballet. It’s a Lee family tradition. I had never seen the Nutcracker or a ballet for that matter so it was fun to get dressed up and go to the theater. I wish I had some pictures of the night. Saturday we played some kickball down at the park, did a little shopping, and ate at a Chinese Buffet. My roommate, Courtney, picked me up in Logan on her way up from Bountiful and stayed for dinner on Sunday. It was such a fun trip; I said if I had a car I would visit Logan more often. December has flown by. This is my last week of regular class, a few finals next week, and then I’ll be catching a flight to Atlanta. We had been shocked with how nice the weather has been in Rexburg lately. We’ve had no snow at all until late last night. I walked home from the testing center on Saturday in just a t-shirt. I just looked at the weather and it’s scheduled to snow for the next 10 days, so our good luck has been cut off. School work has been rather time consuming lately, but we have made a bit of time for a few social events. I went on a date about two weeks ago. We went up to Kelly Canyon and rode snowmobiles. It was a full moon so you could see everything perfectly. There were plenty of deer out there too. A week ago we attended an 80’s party. A large group of us were completely decked out, but when we got to the party there was barely anyone dressed up. Thursday night we went down to Pocatello for a concert (The Format, for anyone that cared). It was really good except the singer got hit in the face with a shoe and almost left. The best part of the night was when he said “HOW YOU DOIN’ BOISE STATE?!” and it was dead silent. Little did he know he was at ISU. Hahahaha. In other news, I ate a meal worm in my Biology Lab class. It was for 5 points extra credit. I could have eaten 20 of them if he hadn’t of put a 1 per person limit on it. They tasted like little french-fries. My roommate Nicole just got engaged on Wednesday. She hopes to have the wedding February 16, so there has been a mad scramble on making wedding plans and decisions. I have a few more finals and a talk to give on Sunday and then I am home free. I’ve been sending packages back to Georgia to myself, because I don’t think I will have room to fly out with all my belongings. Main street in Rexburg is completely covered with lights. It looks really pretty. Last night I ate my first dinner at the Galley. During this time of the semester everyone is trying to use up meal passes as fast as they can. Lucky for me I have a few guy friends in that situation. Anyway, I better get back to studying…

Monday, November 20, 2006

Late November

Well I am only a few short hours away from the 3 ½ hour drive down to Utah. I figured that I should try to get a NEW post off fast before the thanksgiving break starts. I’m headed to the Lee’s house in Logan, which means I will have lots to talk about when I get back. Things in Rexburg are as they were when I made my last post, maybe just a bit colder. I’ve seen and heard of recent car accidents because of the ice, but besides that, not much else is new. Our dodge ball team “Peter Pan’s Clan” is currently 2-1. School is flying by. It’s hard to believe that after this week off, we will only have 3 more weeks, and then I’ll be back in the warmth of the South. Saturday was a rather warm day so a few of us girls went exploring on “R” Mountain. I guess it’s like the Y, except it’s an R a on a smaller mountain. We took a picture of us jumping off this little rock that was suppose to give the illusion of huge cliff, one of us had the bright idea of holidng hands which resulted in all of us falling over. My roommate Courtney got the worst of it with her knee getting cut up. We’ve had a lot of birthdays recently in our tower; the fall time is full of birthdays. My roommate, Jacquie’s birthday is tomorrow but we celebrated it Saturday night with dinner at Texas Roadhouse, in Idaho Falls. A group of girls and I have got into a little routine of going to The Hart (The school gym) each night. I wouldn’t be surprised if Elder Bednar came back in a few months to announce an expansion of the Hart. The other day there was two girls running tandem on a treadmill, it was classic. I wish I had my camera. A few weeks ago we babysat a little dog by the name of APX (Apex). The dog is named after an alarm system company here in Rexburg. We had fun taking pictures with him; he’s full grown and weighs only a few pounds. Oh yes, I almost forgot to let everyone know… I’M ENGAGED!!! – Ok, not really but we faked it with a few pictures. Anyway, I really need to get back into the groove of posting more often. Things have just been hectic at school, a few more weeks, a few finals and a project and then I’ll be good to go. Hope everyone is enjoying this time of year! I know what I am thankful for- My family, friends, the Church, and my health!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

And now, for some words.

School has been hectic, so I guess I’ve been lucky enough to get one post out every month or so. I’ve been having a lot of fun, as I’m sure you could tell from the pictures. I’ll run though them really fast. The first one of Courtney and I was after I taught Gospel Doctrine for the first time. It was awesome! I thought teaching from Isaiah would be really hard but it actually wasn’t too bad. The picture to the right is my apartment, minus Jill, when our ward had FHE with President and Sister Clark. There are a few pictures from the Spirit Week Relay. Our ward had to complete 50 quarter mile laps. Every other ward in the school was there too, the ONE SIDED stadium was packed as well as the NEW TRACK and ASTROTURF field. We placed somewhere between 10th and 15th. It was a cold night, but it was really fun to see all the other crazy signs and outfits from the other wards. Mike came up a few weekends ago. There was a planned ICE CAVES outing on the Saturday, so he was lucky enough to tag along. If you’re wondering what the ice caves are they’re pretty much ice, in caves- self explanatory. There are some tight parts where you actually have to get on your back and slide through. At the end of the cave there is a natural slide about 25 feet long. We played on the slide for a minutes before making the trek back out. Afterwards we enjoyed hotdogs and marshmallows. (There’s a picture of Taylor Heninger sitting on a fatty block of ice, he was just getting near one of the tighter part of the caves.) Last weekend I made a quick trip down to utah. It was an 8 hour car ride so that I could attend a 4 hour concert. We got to Provo a little earl so we were able to stop by Aaron and Stacey’s for a while. It was Mike’s birthdays and as a present we attended the concert (Dashboard Confessional and Brand New). It was really good minus the 100’s of peoples sweat accumulated on my body. I was stiff for a few days after the concert. Our Ultimate Frisbee season is unfortunately over. We lost in overtime. We were ranked 3rd in the school out of 29 teams, not too shabby. But dodgeball season has started, and I’ve been asked to play on a team, so we’ll see how that goes. Halloween festivities have been taking place all weekend. The pictures are from a party we attended Friday night. The Edward Scissorhands costume has been in my head since about April, so it was nice to see it actually happen. There’s another Halloween party tonight, held by one of the many alarm companies here in Rexburg. The best costume wins a FREE CRUISE. They have another competition as well… Whoever can keep their hand on this van for an extended amount of time while eating and drinking will receive FREE TUITION for a year. Some pretty nice prizes are available so I’m going to start getting ready in just a few short minutes. The rest of the pictures are from Saturday night a group of us attended the Haunted Mill. It was over an hours wait (and we BUDGED!) and $8.00 to get in. In the end I can say, it was well worth it. We crawled on our hands and knees through small tunnels and were chased by chainsaws- SO FUN. The house was HUGE!!! I didn’t get a picture of the whole thing but it was a mammoth place. I guess that is pretty much everything in a nutshell over the last few weeks. I just got home from Devotional. Elder David A. Bednar spoke; I wasn’t able to get my hands on any tickets so I ended up watching It in the Taylor Chapel instead. He gave a talk on expansion and gathering places. The Manwaring Center is going to be expanded as well as a New Auditorium next to the Hart Gymnasium. The new auditorium is suppose to seat our entire school. This way, when apostles come to speak we won’t have to watch to via satellite in tons of different locations. He turned over some dirt in the new site and said joked about how hard and frozen the ground was. It has been so cold here. It was 10°F last night. We’ve had a few snow storms but nothing too severe. Next week Elder Oaks is coming to speak, so Friday morning I’ll hopefully be able to snatch some tickets. I haven’t received any packages yet like I previously requested... hint hint.

Monday, October 30, 2006


I have taken so many pictures over the last few weeks so here is just a few of them...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Time Keeps on Ticking

Well after many requests I have decided to FINALLY make a new post. But don’t think that I haven’t been wanting to post, it’s the fact that I’m in COLLEGE, REMEMBER? I’m either at class, doing homework, a devotional, bridge jumping, grocery shopping, running, cleaning, studying, or attending my church callings before I get to my Blog. Sad, I know… So my two new roommates arrived, Courtney and Jacquie, and they are completely fabulous, I love them so much. So the last few weeks have been full of concerts, bridge jumping, dates, long boarding, ultimate Frisbee games, and parties. We started a team called “The EH Team” pretty much all Canadians minus Courtney, my roommate. Taylor Heninger, Chris Jenson, and John Merrill are some of the Canadians. It’s been fun. APX Alarm systems does a huge party each fall where they give away cash and prizes and have tons of huge events. We went, and it was fun, but really cold. Mike was here a few weeks ago for the weekend. He was in a pizza eating contest and actually won! Angel Moroni got placed on top of the Rexburg Temple. It’s looking really good, it has another year to be completed but it already looks really nice. My Book of Mormon class stood outside in the rain and sang hymns while the Angel was hoisted up. My new FHE group is really fun too; we went skeet shooting a few weeks ago. I was able to go to Provo last weekend for conference, except didn’t actually go to conference. Mike was in the hospital for a few short hours after a football injury. I did some shopping with Stacey during the Priesthood session, I miss you Stace! Dahl is getting HUGE, he’s almost two, crazy. We had some bad hail just the other day, so of course Emily, Courtney and I went for a jog in it. I've got way too many pictures, and not really a lot to say. Now that I'm somewhat up to date with blogging I'm hoping they can be more regular again... so until the next time... I miss you all, SEND PACKAGES!