Thursday, September 26, 2013


The Salmon Family Reunion 2013 was a success. A lot of people traveled a great distance to be there, perhaps because it was located in beautiful Destin, Florida this year.
We spent a week at the end of August in an awesome beach house 20 feet from a pool and a couple blocks from the warm ocean water and white sand beaches. Each family had their own home and we rotated where we played games and sang karaoke each night. Drew loved playing with all of "his kids" each day, all day long. We ate a lot of awesome food and stayed up too late catching up with extended family.
We had a dance party on the beach, a dolphin cruise (where we saw a lot of dolphins and a lot of seasick people throwing up) we went out looking for crabs during the nights, and mostly just relaxed.
 It was a perfect way to end our summer.

Sunday, September 08, 2013


I love Utah in the summer.
Everyday is beautiful and sunny and bright; and there is no such thing as humidity!

 Everyone (except for Laura and Alan in Germany) was able to come out to Utah for Louisa's farewell. We spent a few days at a cabin doing some bridge jumping and playing a lot of games. The kids loved having a bathtub again (since they didn't in Manhattan) jumping on grandma's trampoline and playing in the sandbox.
We ate at our favorite Utah joints, but as usual the trip went by too fast. I was able to spend some time catching up with friends and Spencer was able to go to a BYU scrimmage game. Lucky for us we will be heading back to Utah for Christmas-- the Zupas soups are already calling my name.