Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's a Buffet

We spent the weekend in Vegas meeting up with my parents who were there for one of my dad's work conventions, Aaron and Stacey drove over from L.A. and we drove down with Mike. 3/5 siblings were there. Nathan was there too, but on his mission, so we didn't happen to run in to him. We were finally able to meet our new nephew Reid. (Who I don't even happen to have a picture of)

Dahl and Ty with Draw. Right verb. Wrong conjugation.
They got it right by the time the weekend was over.

The weather was great, especially compared to today in Utah. (SNOW) We walked The Strip and saw enough skin and smelled enough smoke to last us till our next trip to Las Vegas.

Enjoying the Venetian Canal Shops.

We visited Hoover Dam and saw the impressive bridge that now makes driving across the dam obsolete. The bridge opened on October, 19th so we enjoyed being some of the first people to walk across it.

Drew has now been to Georgia, Texas, Arizona, Nevada and of course Utah.
Not too shabby for 3 months old.

Standing on the NEW dam bridge. (dam jokes are fun)

One of my favorite moments was when Dahl dropped his fork on the ground while we were at a buffet. He looked at his dad and said, "Oops, sorry." Then Aaron looked at him and said "It's ok, it's a buffet" Then for the rest of the night when anything fell or got knocked over Dahl was sure to say, "It's a buffet. At a buffet you can do whatever you want..."

We had a fun time getting away from school and now have Thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to.
More pictures can be seen here.


likeschocolate said...

You are looking fantastic and he is a traveling kid!

Casey said...

Cute, cute, cute pictures!

Aaron & Stacey Salmon said...

It was so good to see you guys! Miss you already

mb said...

You are pretty. I also really like dam jokes. I find them hysterical.

Ben and Raquel said...

haha, did they really call him Draw? that's too funny. oh, and i like dam jokes too. have you seen vegas vacation! heh. i'm jealous...i want to take a trip! hope you guys had fun!

Brandilyn said...

you look BEAUTIFULLL!!!!

A&K said...

Right verb. Wrong conjugation. hahahaha! That is so funny! Draw, I mean Drew seems like such a GOOD boy! We are taking Nash to GA for thanksgiving and I'm scared.

Vickie said...

Glad you made it there and back safely, just before the snow hit. Call me and we will schedule a time to finish 'the project'

Lindy Salmon said...

Everyday is a buffet at our house :).

Blake and Kim said...

Cute pictures! Sounds like you guys had fun :D

KandyJill said...

No way! I didn't know that bridge is done! We were in Vegas in September and took pictures of it cuz it wasn't finished yet - so that's pretty sweet you got to go on it!

Haha buffet - I love it!

Meagan Cooper said...

I can pretty much picture aaron saying "it's ok.... IT'S A BUFFET" and the salmon clan laughing about it all night long. Your fam is so dam cool!