Sunday, October 28, 2007

Salmon to Salmon

Well the first block of Fall is over which means so are all the first block sports. I'm waiting for some more pictures to be uploaded by one of my fellow teammates, but until then I will upload the ones I have. We had a good season on both of the teams I was on. Hannah Salmon and I were on an Ultimate Frisbee and Flag Football team. Kandice Palmer was also on the Flag Football team with us. Our team, The Green Beans, an all girls team, got knocked out of the finals in the semi-final round ranking us Third for the season. Not too shabby. Some of those girls were INTEEENSE! Hannah and I had a little play called Salmon to Salmon. Well really it was just I ran out either left or right side, which ever Hannah said, and she threw it to me. We pulled it off in our last game but even with our awesome plays and sweet moves we were still defeated by the Trash Queens. In Ultimate Frisbee our Co-ed team made it to the Championships. Once again The "Eh" Team was reunited from last season. Adding a few new players (Hannah being one of them) and losing a few others. Our regular season wasn't too hot, but we pulled through when it got to the tournament. win after win we moved up the bracket until our last game where we played the 1st ranked team. we lead the game 6-5 until the last minute when the scored. 5 minutes of overtime were put on the clock and in the end we lost by a single point. The wind was not in our favor and neither was the lack of substitutes. they had 14 players, only needing 7 on the field at a time. They constantly had fresh legs and a height advantage on us. Their shortest male player was still 6'2". Hannah played an outstanding game. She was better then some of the guys on our team even hahaha. I pulled my hamstring in a game earlier in the week so Hannah definitely picked up the slack. Everyone in the stadium was whispering "Who's that girl?!" and I proudly yelled out "THAT'S MY COUSSSSIN!" So although we didn't end up with the most coveted Intramural Champion T-shirt we still had a fun season.


kandicejill said...

Haha I miss playin football already... it was just such a gongshow! And I totally wish I was on the "Eh?" team... someone told me they play during the summer though!?!

Burton Family said...

Thats my girls!!! GO SALMONS! I am glad that you guys are having so much fun. Sarah I am sure you are so good for Hannah! love ya