Sunday, October 28, 2007

DBW. (Dance Battle Wednesdays)

Well for any of you that have ever attended BYU-Idaho or Ricks College or lived in Rexburg will understand when I attempt to explain DBW. Well, Rexburgians (Locals and College Students) are always trying to come up with great ideas to make Rexburg cool, trendy and fun. These attempts have had reasonable success but often phase out after a few months, or when the semester is over, or even if those that started the event graduate. Currently the "TRENDY EVENT" is DBW. Dance Battle Wednesdays. DBW has been going strong now since winter semester. It started out in the lounges and clubhouses of various apartment complexes and grew to the point of needing to rent out the REX center on Wednesday nights. I attended my FIRST DBW a few weeks ago when it was held at the Rexburg Airport. The flyers always say "SPECIAL GUESTS, DJ's and DANCERS" which really holds no value when the "Special Guest" is your FHE brother or hometeacher. Regardless my roommates (who are avid DBW attenders) and I went to this particular DBW. Special Guests from MTV were suppose to be attending and Dance Battlers from Utah, California and Colorado were also expected to be present. To make a long story short... People dance battled it out for over an hour and a half while we stood there watching. This asian ballerina chick even got up and started dancing elegantly to hiphop. That was the point when the whole thing ended and they turned the music on for everyone in the audience who paid $3.00 to stand in a large circle, to finally get their chance to dance. All in all I was glad I attended just so know what it was like, but I can't make any guarantees that I will attend again in the future. It is every Wednesday night 8:00pm-11:00pm. Break dancers spin around on their backs, heads and hands while poor college students pay the price of a subway sandwich to watch... if you ask me, this perhaps is the best CON/trend that has ever hit Rexburg. Other past events I can recall that didn't survive include: Ultimate Fighting Mondays (After being spiritually uplifted at FHE, boxing with absolutely no rules took place in various locations around town each Monday at 9:00pm) This event was eventually shutdown by the school and the local police. Fugitive Fridays (Friday nights people would meet at Porter or Smith Park to join in a giant game of Fugitive) this was probably my favorite event thus far. As you can see from the pictures, I battled it out a little myself too at DBW.


Kyle-Scott Hansen said...

i love dbw. its weird that we were in the same place so many times....yet never met....hum..

kandicejill said...

that last picture of you is the greatest picture i have ever seen!

Quilla said...

People should read this.