Saturday, September 29, 2007

September 29, 2007. SNOW DAY.

That is right, it is snowing today in Rexburg. I have been in school for a little over two weeks now. My apartment has the best chemistry. Everyone gets along really well and we love being with each other. I’m in the same ward still (56th ward) and I love it. I am still a Relief Society teacher, which is really fun. School is in full force now which means I find myself in the testing center almost every other day. Not much has been happening in Rexburg. The first week of school we had nice weather and my whole apartment went and played in the river. There have been two huge bonfires which most of the school attended both out at the sand dunes. I hate the sand dunes. Its windy and sand gets in everything. You come home smelling like smoke (and laundry isn’t cheap here) and the whole point of the event is to get dressed up and mingle with people… BUT YOU CAN’T EVEN SEE ANYONE CAUSE YOU ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT AT NIGHT! However I did attend both bonfires as a result of having absolutely NOTHING else to do. APX alarm threw their annual fall party which wasn’t as impressive as last falls event. I guess I am just becoming all partied out. I am on a co-ed ultimate Frisbee team (The “EH” team) and a girls flag football team (GreenBeans) they’re both really fun, except when we have horrible weather, like today… I'm on both teams with my cousin Hannah, and on the flag football team with Kandice Palmer. Oh, and Kaiti Pratt came up to visit Rexburg a week ago. (COME BACK SOON) I'll try to update again soon. I don't have anything to blog about like... oh I don't know... A BABY?!


Aaron & Stacey Salmon said...

finally another post. You better not have a baby. hahaha! when are you coming to visit?

Calloways said...

Billy has been looking for his hat...he posted flyers in the neighborhood...hahaha j/k seriously though it was about time for a new post

swimminupstream said...

Sara! Come down to Provo to visit! Seriously, come down to Provo to visit? For Conference maybe? We'll play the paper bag game again or something. Hey, did that pen ever come out of your skirt? You're so HOT!

Diane & Konrad said...

Hey Sara!
We love your blogs. You are so pretty in every picture. I remember the sand dunes HAHAHAHA. We are moving somewhere mid October. Don't come to the wrong house. Love you.

Lana Dawn said...

you are such a babe.
and i love your plum sweater. that color looks good on you. i'm excited to see you this weekend. and maybe visit the weekend after?

i love you

Meagan Cooper said...

AHhh good old Rexburg, I as well enjoyed the snow on Saturday.. yea right... Anyways, come over anytime we will have to do lunch one day or somthing. You and your roomates are all babes. Too bad my bro C wasn't here.