Monday, November 14, 2011

Syracuse Zoo

 We crammed 5 carseats and 3 adults into Lindseys Pilot and headed up to Syracuse to enjoy the warm weather and the zoo. Courtney looks thrilled to have her hips dislocated between the two boys for the hour long drive.
The whole group
 The boys checking out the penguins and stomping in some unknown smelly substance.
The monkeys were awesome. The monkeys are always my favorite at any zoo I visit, and these monkeys were some of the best. There was a tiny baby monkey and a teenage brother monkey that were fighting each other running around the cage-- the boys loved it.
Drew now knows how to "roar" when he sees pictures of tigers and lions so I would say the zoo was a success.


Casey said...

Fun! I love a good zoo. Matt can make really good orangutan noises :)

byufish said...

Drew has some good do you...especially if they'll go as far as hip dislocations!! Miss you here in THIS valley...are you back for Christmas?

Amanda and Chase England said...

Don't you love the zoo? I'm glad your trip was a success!

Lana Dawn said...

you seriously look SO hot! and i love the zoo... and i think Drew is the cutest.

Courtney said...

Hey! Remember that?! Pretty awesome... let's never go again.

KandyJill said...

Um holy BABE status dude! What the heck? You look so tiny and hot! And thats so fun you guys went to the zoo. Always the best with little kids who get so excited over everything! :)