Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Last Leg – Seattle to Rexburg

Well, as usual I’m writing this blog in a car. Emily and I are currently traveling somewhere on the I-15 in Montana, about 190 miles from Idaho Falls. Anyway, Seattle was awesome. It has been forever since I’ve been here, and I guess I forgot how much I liked it. I flew into Seattle around 8:30, Emily met me there and it was about 30 minutes to Sammamish. The weather reminded me of being back in Atlanta; hot and very humid. It was about 92 and about as humid as some Men’s Club sauna. It probably was no different then Georgia, but coming from Reno made a huge difference. Emily, Eric, and I ate lunch in Seattle at the Old Spaghetti Factory. It was Eric’s (Emily’s best friend/boy she’s in love with/hopefully future boyfriend or HUSBAND) Birthday, so after lunch we grabbed some Dairy Queen too. After running a few errands around town we drove to Novus, Uncle Bruce’s windshield repair shop. He was very surprised to see me, so while we chatted someone fixed Emily’s cracked windshield. He invited Emily and me to Lake Sammamish where the rest of his family was. Emily ended up dropping me off there for an hour or so while she got her haircut and ran a few more errands. Katharine is definitely pregnant, and James is just about as tall as Hannah. Claire was in Tacoma at EFY. When the two of us finally met up again we went to another lake, Beaver Lake, where some friends of hers have a Cabin. It was Eric’s Birthday Celebration/Emily’s farewell party. The cabin has a huge water trampoline out on the lake so although I was in clothes I got on the trampoline. Bad idea, I eventually ended up getting pulled into the water, by Emily. Monday night was mostly spent packing up Emily’s room and cleaning it. Tuesday was a Monday repeat; more running around, and some more delicious food. We had some Jamba Juice for breakfast, Acapulco Fresh (Mexican) for lunch, and some pizza for dinner. I think the two of us have already gained the freshman 15… or 25. Well, between all the eating we made a pit stop to Value Village, one of my most favorite stores. We ended up browsing a lot and eventually bought the Clueless soundtrack and Spice Girls album. Our cashier was fabulous. Now everyone take a good look at your pinkies. Take a look at the size of the very last joint, the tip of the pinky. That was honestly the size of this poor woman’s mole. Now that you’ve got the size, the location was right between her eyes. It was kind of sad, but I couldn’t help myself. For some reason it was sad for me to say goodbye to Eric and some of Emily’s friends. I’ve never really met any of them but I guess it as finally setting in that the Final Leg was almost over and College was approaching. Emily and I got to bed around 4:30am just to wakeup only a few short hours later. We were finally on the road around 9:30. Emily drives a Civic, that’s a stick shift, so the fact that I have had little experience driving manual cars was kind of putting a damper on me driving. Around noon today Emily was somewhat tired so she gracefully shifted me into 5th from a rest stop and I carried on driving for a little over an hour till I was pulled over, that’s right pulled over. I was so flustered that I started to pull over to the left side of the road, and then finally gained some senses and veered right; I had to have Emily shift me down from 5th. The cop was somewhat confused when he saw a Georgia License, driving a Washingtonian’s car, with Utah plates, headed to Idaho. He returned to the car a few minutes later with a big fat ticket for $122.00 for going 80 in a 70. Can you say JERK? I guess it’s because it’s the end of the month. Of course Emily got in the drivers seat after that, and is still currently driving. Besides that nothing really exciting has happened. We saw a full grown woman asleep with a pacifier in her mouth, we saw this really old man driving a mini-bike, and we saw this woman with a chest like Xenia Warrior Princess, pointy. Tonight we’ll be meeting my mom in a hotel, actually an inn, which pretty much means it’s ghettolicious. It’s in Idaho Falls so it definitely won’t be some Marriot. Tomorrow Emily and I will be able to move into our apartment at 9:00am (check it out after that we have a short orientation and then we’re free to roam Rexburg; not like there is much to roam.

Old Spaghetti Factory

Emily and I before taking off

While Driving

My Ticket.

The Mini-Bike


Calloways said...

You should have gotten your cashiers name then y ou could send her a referral to a dermatologist in the Seattle area to get that bad boy removed!

The Salmon Family said...

Sara you are so funny. I think I say that after every blog. I always laugh out loud. Your apartment looks sooo nice. You better come visit lots.