Wednesday, June 14, 2006

High School Graduation (5 months late)

Well as some of you know, I actually graduated from Chattahoochee HS at the winter break. I finished a whole semester early, so although I say "5 months late" don't think it took me 5 extra months to graduate. Graduation was May 27th. It just took me 5 months of waiting around to actually walk across the stage and recieve my diploma. The last 5 months have been spent working at a Dermatologist office. ( - CHECK OUT THE STAFF PAGE) During that time I actually decided that I wanted to major in something medical because I loved the job so much. Graduation was overrated. The 5 seconds I spent walking across the stage felt like 5 hours. I rarely wear heals so I was even extra nervous walking. My palms were sweating so bad they had someone wipe the stage after I had recieved my diploma... ok well not really. Actually, speaking of my sweaty palms... I got BOTOX injected into my hands to help reduce my dehydration problem, or - just to get my hands to stop sweating. And so far it has been FABULOUS. I've been feeling like I need lotion a lot, just because I've never felt my hands be this dry before. So now when I'm dating out at Idaho I won't have to wear gloves and claim I'm a die-hard Michael Jackson fan. FYI- BOTOX is also used for underarm sweating for anyone that has a problem with that, we do it at the office so if you're ever in Atlanta stop by! You'll most likely be sweating. It has been so hot here lately, low 90's but extremelly humid. Actually just plain muggy. Monday's the office is closed and so me, Mike and some friends of ours went to Six Flags. We bought our tickets which are $50.00 a person at about 1:21. Around 1:30 all the rides were shut down because of the weather. I guess we were getting the tail end of the hurricane that went through Florida. We waited in the car for almost 2 hours, and by then even the hardcore Six Flag goers had left so when the park reopened we were practically the only ones left! It was AWESOME! Rides with lines that usually take 60 minutes were about 60 seconds. Some of the rides we were able to just stay on while they sent us on another time around. I didn't have my camera at the time but now I wish I had taken it. I got my hair cut yesterday so I will have to put pictures up soon. I have about 3 days left before I leave on my wild adventure, but I will keep everyone posted on how things are in Reno, Sacramento, San Francisco, Seattle and the final destination- Rexburg.


The Salmon Family said...

YOu are so funny. I am so glad you have a blog now. I'm sure you will have lots of funny stories to tell frim Idaho!

Gary said...

Thats a great blog.

Calloways said...

THIS IS THE BEST BLOG EVER!!! I can't wait to see the next post!

Anonymous said...

Hey S S

Great blog, good pictures too. Glad to hear you made it through security. We hope to see you more often now that you are out "west". Love, Logan Lees