Friday, December 17, 2010

My Final Final.

I told Spencer to look for me in the testing center via THIS site.
There I am. About to go take my last final of 2010.
Now we are done and thoroughly enjoying our Christmas break thus far.
One more semester to go.


Whittney and Ryan said...

oh what a good feeling! whaoo to only one more semester! Merry Christmas!

John and Emily said...

Love love love the new blog header! What an angel! Now party like you only got 1 more semesta!!! love you

mb said...

I am obsessed with your header. I love, Nay, LOVE that pictures of Drew. Absolutely ADOR.

Also, congrats on your almost last final - you are the bizomb.

Megs said...

literal laugh out loud from me and adam that you guys took a picture of you on the testing center cam. love it!

Riley said...

Awesome! You're famous!