Monday, December 06, 2010


Christmas Card Commotion.

I have always loved getting Christmas cards and family letters during the holiday season. It is fun to see how families have changed and grown. I think I have to get a little bit older, or expand my amount of friends before I get enough to cover my fridge. My mom sets the cards up along the mantle over the fire place, and I've seen others string them across the room on a piece of twine.

 I love the cards and stationary offered by Shutterfly this season.
(like this one, this one and this one... oh and this one)
Notice how all of them have multiple spaces for pictures because I can never choose just one.

For example, Drew's birth announcment that may have graced your refigerator at one time. I told you I couldn't choose just one picture.

We also got our wedding book there, which unfortunately was only signed by guests at one reception... but that is a story for another day.

Now, can you say "LINK OVERLOAD!" ?

Well here is just one more for you.
Here's an opportunity for you to blog about Shutterfly...
and recieve 50 FREE Christmas cards.

You can't beat free.


Ben and Raquel said...

dang, i have a private blog and the rules say that those "are not eligible"! or else i'm all about getting FREE christmas cards! i hope you win 'em!

kjerstina said...

Did it work? I may just have to try it...

Lauren said...

I read my feed and I was like what does CCC stand for. hahahah I am glad you made your own abbreviation.

mj said...

I like the light green one. It's cute. Dude you should make your own on photoshop. Or if you don't have photoshop go to picnik. It's not as classy as the ones off the websites...but it's free.