Tuesday, March 31, 2009

2br/1bath available May 1st

2br/1bath Apartment available May 1st (or perhaps even sooner) The two bedrooms are exactly equal in size and are both really big. We have just been using the second bedroom as a storage/library/ironing/study/laundry-like room. Plenty of windows in all rooms. New carpet that is nice and clean. The Manager is SUPER nice and prompt to deal with. Rent is $640 plus utilities (gas and electric) we paid approximately $15 each month -- TOTAL. It's on the 2nd floor of a 3-story apartment complex. There is a private parking spot, and laundry facility on site. It's sweet location is 6 blocks south of BYU's campus, and just 3 blocks from a grocery store (Smith's) Very friendly neighbors, and an AWESOME ward. We love it and will be sad to leave it. We're leaving for the summer for work out of state and need to sell the contract by May 1st, but could be out the last couple weeks of April if needed. Please contact Sara or Spencer Orton call or text (678) 427-2459 if you have any further questions, or want to schedule a time to come by and check the place out. Thank you, and happy house hunting.

We've posted this ad, or ads very similar to this on craigslist.com and ksl.com so I figured, why not post it on the blog as well-- I mean, as if any of you are looking to move into married student apartments-- but more just to let you know what we have been up to lately. We've had lots of response so I feel like we won't have a problem, its just the other 200 ads that are posted each day from other students that are moving for the summer that we have to worry about. One thing that's nice is that plenty of students get married at the end of semesters so we've showed the place to a lot of engaged couples. For all I know we have already sold the place, we haven't heard from out manager though so I guess we'll just keep on advertising till we do hear something. We actually are having a showing tonight from 5-7pm and have heard from 8 couples that are planning to attend. So hopefully tonight is the night and we will no longer have to worry about selling our contract, but mostly not worry about KEEPING IT CLEAN ALL THE TIME.


BYU Fish said...

That's the HARD part...keeping it clean! It looks nice...if I wasn't already LIVING in a 2 BR I'd be interested...but do the housecleaners come with the contract?

Aaron & Stacey Salmon said...

Where are you guys going for the summer??

Alison Lee said...

I will totally email you the recipe...it was WAY fun to make!

John and Emily said...

where did you get that table?