Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dippin' Dots, Pretzels & Budweiser

I've gone to a lot of graduations over the last few weeks. I've left the update on Aaron and Gary's grad to the blogging of Tara and Stacey ... But also not to mention I really didn't have anything too fun or exciting happen at the BYU graduation. Spencer met my parents, ok so something did happen... hahahaha... but really besides that, a few good meals, and my parents being in town not much happened. BYU graduation was formal and almost serious. No foghorns, falling graduates, cowbells, or I (YOUR NAME HERE) banners. Which was somewhat unfortunate. I love it when people embarrass themselves horribley in front of thousands of people. After I wrapped things up in Provo, and said my goodbyes, I headed home to ATL where I have been for the last month. Life here is slow. Work is fun, social and rather enjoyable, but the days are so long and hot that they all somehow mesh in to one extra long day. Matt's graduation was a few weeks back... CONGRATS TO MY FAVORITE BROTHER-IN-LAW...Matt's graduation ceremony was most likely the most eventful thing I have experienced since coming home. I loved every minute of it. The venue in which the graduation took place was none other then the Georgia Dome. The name MATTHEW CALLOWAY appeared a few times on the Jumbo-tron... and we cheered each time we saw it... assuming that he was the only Matthew Calloway in the graduating class. The place was crowded with people dressed in everything and anything... or nothing. Mumus, wife beaters, and mesh shirts all the way to tuxedos, ball gowns and nice suits. It was a really nice ceremony. The speakers were funny and entertaining and worked well for the masses. It was the only graduation I have ever been to that had pizza, popcorn, Dippin' Dots, pretzels, alcohol, hotdogs and Starbucks Kiosks. What a fun and diverse school Matt has graduated from! Congrats Matt!

The video was taken (who knows why) by my dad to kind of give the idea of the atmosphere. After zooming in on the young boys earring in front of us, the people behind us began talking about the weirdness which is right when the video ended.


kandicejill said...

Yay -- finally another post! That sounds like a SWEET graduation! Who's the baby with you in the first pic? SOOOO STINKIN CUTE! Dude -- how old is Nathey now? He's freakin HUGE! Is he like 18? Ooh my gosh I miss your family. And I loved seeing Mama Lo Lo on cam too! Miss them!

And I love you and miss you and think you need to come visit in Rexburg -- it misses you... I miss you!

kandicejill said...

...Oh -- and I updated my blog too! 2 posts baby -- yeaaahhh!

Steph and Bran said...

Isn't it funny how different things are in Mormon-ville compared to the rest of the world. Glad you had fun. And hopefully the next 16 days fly by!

Jeffrey Salmon said...

I LOVED THE EARING! I watched to video several times and laughed hysterically each time.

Meagan Cooper said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the salmon clan. Your family is the best. Say hi to them all for me! All the grads look exciting. I wish you were still here in the burg with me, it is a lonely place when you are surronded by the rexburgians. JK.