Thursday, June 12, 2014


Everything we have been waiting and working for came and went so fast.

Spencer graduted from Cornell Law school on May 11th, Mother's Day. I couldn't be more proud of him. 
As soon as Spencer put on his regalia Drew asked him, "Are you a real lawyer now?"

The whole day I kept asking him "Are you excited?? Are you so happy? Are you sad?!" … in typical Spencer fashion he answered with no emotion, "I'm fine."

Walking towards Barton Hall, Drew kept counting all the lawyers in their red gowns.

Congratulations Spencer! We can't wait for our next big adventure!


Emily Hales said...

Congrats Spencer and Sara and kids! Lots of hard work and its a bittersweet goodbye, mostly bitter. But on to bigger and hopefully (impossibly) better things ;) Miss you!

Calloways said...

I can't believe I'm just seeing this post. I love that Drew was counting all the lawyers. And I cracked up about Spencer's non-emotion. The best! Love you guys.

Jena said...

I almost peed reading your non-emotional Spencer comment. Brooks is the same way. I'm always saying, "Wahoo, this is fun! This is fun, right? RIGHT?? Say this is fun!" …I take it a little too far at times.

Stasia S. said...

You are so GORGEOUS! What a beautiful family!! And a big congrats on the graduation...such a HUGE accomplishment! Ok but seriously...when are you coming to Austin!? ;)