Wednesday, October 09, 2013


We've had a rough week around here when it comes to teeth.

Claire fell in the bathtub and chipped her front tooth on Saturday.

Today Drew was climbing on a play structure at the YMCA when he fell and hit his mouth.

He lost his first tooth.

The pediatrician and dentist both said there is nothing we can do for it but wait... wait for 5 years. 
He doesn't like looking at himself in the mirror because he hates to be reminded that his tooth is gone.
I think he'll be fine in the morning when he discovers what the tooth fairy brought for him. 

Spencer and I might have to start wearing mouth guards.
Here's to hoping that this is the end of the tooth escapades at our house.

Monday, October 07, 2013


Ithaca truly is Gorge(ou)s. I already know that our third and final year will fly by. Before we know it we will be leaving our little apartment and this tiny sleepy college town we have called home with tears in our eyes; the same way we arrived three years ago.

Spencer's "3L" year is awesome. As a third year law student he spends less hours in the library and more hours at home. We made the drive to a U-pick farm to enjoy some of his leisure time away from the books. The kids loved picking (and mostly eating) all the fruit. I loved that it was still warm out.

Since then the mornings have turned cool and misty. Fall is in the air. This is the best time of the year in Upstate New York. We are excited to enjoy it as much as we can before we leave behind this beautiful place.