Sunday, September 08, 2013


I love Utah in the summer.
Everyday is beautiful and sunny and bright; and there is no such thing as humidity!

 Everyone (except for Laura and Alan in Germany) was able to come out to Utah for Louisa's farewell. We spent a few days at a cabin doing some bridge jumping and playing a lot of games. The kids loved having a bathtub again (since they didn't in Manhattan) jumping on grandma's trampoline and playing in the sandbox.
We ate at our favorite Utah joints, but as usual the trip went by too fast. I was able to spend some time catching up with friends and Spencer was able to go to a BYU scrimmage game. Lucky for us we will be heading back to Utah for Christmas-- the Zupas soups are already calling my name.


Lana Dawn said...

I'm glad that I'm moving to Utah - so hopefully we can meet up one of these times that you are visiting! Love you! And your kids are so cute!

Kate said...


Lindsey Hicks said...

Love seeing these pictures of family time. How gorgeous is Claire's smile in the tub?! Love those dimples.

Kaiti Klara said...

I'll be around at Christmas too, we should get together!! Miss you sara!