Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Drew Boy

Our little Drew turned three years old on July 12th.
It was a low key day. We ate brownies for lunch and dinner, his orange scooter arrived in the mail, and we met up with his birthday twin (my cousins son) for some arcade games at the chuck-e-cheese in Harlem.

It's exactly what you think of when you hear "chuck-e-cheese in Harlem".
half the games weren't working, and the ones that you could actually play didn't produce tickets... but the kids didn't care at all.
 It was a great night, and a perfect way to spend Drew's third birthday while in our little one bedroom Manhattan apartment.

Drew at three is a sensitive sweet boy.
Claire has been in our family for over a year and he is still warming up to her...

He loves hard boiled eggs-- loves, is an understatement. He could easily put down a dozen eggs a day as long as the "seed" (yolk) has been removed.

He also loves any and all kinds of fruit. He has become our little fruit bat steering clear of proteins and most grains.

His favorite color is orange. He wants to wear orange clothes, color with orange crayons, and eat orange food.

One of my favorite things he says right now is "I love you (insert random number)". Instead of "I love you too(two)"it has become "I love you four" or five, seven, nine.

Happy Birthday to our sweet Drew Boy. We love you three!


Lana Dawn said...

What a cute boy! Happy belated birthday!

Emily Hales said...

Happy birthday Drewby! Enjoy your last year at the toy graveyard ;) We miss you guys.