Thursday, March 21, 2013

9 Months

Claire has graduated from pulling herself across the floor and has been crawling (normally) for about three weeks now. She also graduated from going to physical therapy twice a week, to once a week, and just recently every other week.
She smiles and laughs all day as she explores our apartment with her new mode of transportation.
She loves to eat anything and everything, but still LOVES her bottle.
We were hoping that at 6 months she would stop spitting up everywhere, but even at 9 months that doesn't seem to be happening anytime in the near future (really tired of the laundromat)
We finally had to lower her crib after we found her standing up after a nap.
She's got two lower teeth and is working on two top ones which has really messed up her sleeping- and in turn, messed up mine. When Claire is awake in her crib she can be found sitting up and clapping.
She really is so pleasant and content and easy to take care of.


Alisa Hardy Orton said...

She is beautiful! And looks a lot like Drew now!

Stacy said...

She is SO CUTE! Love that age too! So much fun!

Lindsey Hicks said...

Yes - she looks so much like Drew to me - but different too. Such a sweetheart.

Lana Dawn said...

What a cute little girl! I think that she looks like you???

Anonymous said...

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