Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Biggest Little City

At the end of October we traveled to beautiful Reno, Nevada to see these two love birds get married.
Luckily we stopped in Utah before we headed to Nevada 
This way I could get my fill of Cafe Rio, Chickfila, and El Gallo Giro.
 Taylor and Alisa got engaged the same day of the last Orton wedding 
(why everyone is choosing to get married while I'm huge is beyond me... those that get married once I lose weight will be getting some amazing wedding gifts)

 The morning of the wedding we went on THE ULTIMATE RUSH.
We didn't want Taylor and Alisa to be the only ones experience an ultimate rush that day. 
Basically you are hoisted 180ft in the air and then dropped down. It was amazing. We went twice.

While pictures were being taken outside the temple 
Drew kept busy with his uncle Bryce playing in the plants

 Laura's wedding on the left.
Taylor's wedding on the right.
I'd say Claire wins for most changed in the last 3 months


Erika said...

Sara you're a Babe!!!!

Lana Dawn said...

You look GREAT!! Red is a good color on you and your little family is just perfect!!! LOVE YOU!!

Ashley Bybee Stepp said...

Just found your blog! I totally get to stalk you now!!! LOL

Janey said...

I think you look great! But i guess I can wait to get Married knowing I will get an amazing wedding present!