Thursday, September 27, 2012


 I got a nice big package the other day... I guess I'm a HysterSister now-- (WHAT THE!?!)

Coming out of anesthesia the nurse told me a few things.
 1. you will be really tired.
 2. you won't feel like yourself for at least 6 months.
 3. you may gain 25lbs this year.

I would say those are all pretty accurate statements.

We're back in Ithaca.
Spencer is done with recruiting and his crazy travel schedule.
Drew is talking more and eating Oreos like its his job.
Claire is rolling, smiling and sleeping 10 hours a night.

and I'm really tired. It isn't a tired that can be quenched with sleep. It is a tired that looms over you no matter if you just woke up from a 12 hour sleep. I feel old, achy, and exhausted... all the time.

 I'm not the only tired one in this household though...
Drew sleeping in the bathtub
Claire and Spence passed out on the couch
We hope to be blogging more and to have extra energy soon. Until then, here's our CEO. 


Casey said...

I am so glad Claire is a good sleeper. Sorry you're (understandably) exhausted. Wishing I could come up there and help you out!

Lana Dawn said...

What is your address?? I want to send you a package!!! Hope you feel rested soon! Such cute kids...
Love you!

byufish said...

I can only imagine how mothering two little ones adds to that tired feeling!! The key for me was going for walks. No kidding....I'm not sure what it was but pushing little Haley in a stroller around Grandview Hill....even for 15-20 minutes did wonders. Even when I was tired. Good DOES get better!!!

Amesbury said...

Sending you non-tired energy! Wish we were closer so I could take your adorable kids for an afternoon. Love that pic of Drew.

Linda J said...

Glad to see that at least the CEO is wide awake - always fun to read your posts and see the pictures ( so sad we didn't make it out to Utah to see you in the flesh this summer) Love you guys and hope you find that extra energy soon, otherwise just bask in it knowing you have a legit excuse for napping:)

Lindsey Hicks said...

HysterSister? Seriously? That sounds like a terrible premise for a sitcom. I can hear the intro in my head "hysta - sista!" Is the energy loss a life long symptom or should your body adjust? You're kids are soooo cute. Drew looks BIG.

Cindy said...

Claire is so bald! I love it. We love and miss you guys. Maybe Kansas will wake you up a little? Come visit!

mb said...

You are funny.

being tired is the worst. you should get some apple cider doughnuts, they make everyone feel better.

Bonnie said...

hey you! I'm a hystersister too! Its had its really good points along with the hard :) I've started menopause at 37, super fun times!! It just keeps you on your toes, but I've haven't missed a lot of things! Im so glad you blog so I can keep up with your life!!