Sunday, June 03, 2012

Ithaca: Year One

Spencer has just completed his first year of law school. I don't know who is more relieved, him or me.
It will be nice to have him around more often over the summer to help out when we have two babes.
We have loved getting to know Ithaca, the people that live here and everything else about our first year at Cornell.
This year we hiked a lot of waterfalls.
Hit and killed two squirrels.
Tried a lot of local food joints.
Discovered Purity's Almond Joyous ice cream.
Ate a lot of Thai food.
Learned about the world of midwives, and that I am not a suitable candidate to have one.
Became avid recyclers and cut out Styrofoam use after being reprimanded.
Fell in love with Wegmans.

     and those are just the things I can think of right now.

This year a Chipotle and BJ's were built in Ithaca. Who knows what other advancements will take place in our next two years.

We ended the school year with a lot of packing and cleaning. Spencer ended it with 14 hour school days. There is only so much you can do at 33 weeks pregnant so we had a lot of great help from friends. We put all of our belongings in storage for the summer and trekked west for a summer internship... to Utah of all places. We just can't seem to stay away. Spencer will be interning with the Utah 4th District office (whatever that is)... He successfully lured me out here on the fact that Dr. Draper would be able to perform another c-section for me. We have already had a reunion appointment and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little miss.

I finally have been given reign over Spencer's laptop while he is at work which I was hoping would mean a lot more blogging (or blog stalking), but we are unfortunately without internet for the summer. So we will see how often we blog about summer festivities.

We are without a car and internet for 9 weeks... we really have trekked out here, embracing the entire pioneer lifestyle.

Here is the last picture I took in our old apartment before we left. Drew passed out on the floor of his bedroom.


Bethany Hoyt said...

yay! you are back in utah! can we see eachother?? can i come visit?

Courtney Morris said...

OF COURSE we move away from UT and you MOVE THERE! Miss you. Can't wait to see the new babe :) Thinking about you all the time.

Lana Dawn said...

Well - at least your thumbs are going to get a break from the ipod... but I do hope you can find some internet to post more!!! Sure love yoU!

Calloways said...

LAUGHING at Alana's comment. So true. Glad you are embracing the pioneer experience. Does that mean Cafe Rio is out?

Erin said...

You know what you can totally do in Utah with no internet? Hang out with Spencer's high school friends.