Friday, October 28, 2011

Boston: Part 3 (Fenway Park/Cambridge)

The weather started to turn a little more damp the longer we stayed in Boston. One day we decided we would do indoor things like take a tour of Fenway Park. We're not even Red Sox fans and it was awesome! We got to go to every part of the park with a great tour guide.
Drew liked sitting up in the press box in his own chair.
We were able to go sit on the famous Green Monster. 
Here's Spencer trying to contain his excitement!
The same day we went to Fenway Park we were able to go to Cambridge and check out Harvard. While we were checking out Harvard, Harvard was playing Cornell in an Ivy League football duel. I think Cornell ended up losing, but no one really cares. Apparently hockey is the big sport around here.
Harvard was pretty, but wasn't really what I expected. Cambridge is like really close to Boston and is just as busy of a little city! I think we were expecting it to be more like Ithaca, with Cornell set on a beautiful hill overlooking a quiet city. While in Cambridge we took our friends, the Pattersons advice and ate at Mr. Bartley's Burgers. I ordered the "Mitt Romney"- which was divine.
 Before heading back to our hotel we stopped at another educational powerhouse- MIT. Unlike BYU every bathroom is not equipped with changing tables for babies. So I ended up changing Drew on a little bench in a hall way. If he ends up ever going to MIT we'll have to take him back and say this is where we changed your dirty diaper... there was a cool sculpture outside that Drew loved running around.


Lana Dawn said...

i'm serious - Drew is adorable. Your food looks SO good. I judge trips based mostly on how you plan them - the food. You guys are such a cute little family!

Cindy said...

I miss you!!!!!!!