Monday, August 22, 2011

Decisions, Decisions.

We’ve made a couple of big decisions lately.
I’ve broken them down into two categories.

-          Spencer decided on a Law School- Cornell University
-          We chose our apartment on Craigslist, it turned out to be pretty good
-          We bought a brand new car with 7 miles on it. (Still kind of freaking out)
-          Drew got a new car seat which he loves about 100x more than his other one.

-          I ate an entire bag of Fritos one day in the car.
-          Later that same night we ate hotdogs labeled 2 for 99cents from a gas station.
-          We used a U-Box to ship our stuff. Its official we hate U-haul.

We’re in our new apartment, without internet- (Currently posting from a wi-fi café)

Hopefully we’ll be able to fill everyone in later on some other recent events.
i.e. understanding the shirts “Ithaca is Gorges”, fruit picking, the farmers market, Wegmans etc.
We are exploring Ithaca and enjoying the gorgeous scenery. Cornell has a beautiful campus, and a great Law school. We are excited for this new adventure and the next three years of our lives here.


Jemaica said...

Holy Skinny Mini Sara!! What's your secret?

Also, I'm very excited to hear all about your new adventures!

mb said...

ahhhhhhh! yay!! Just wait until the leaves start changing!

Casey said...

Not going to lie, reading this post made me realize me hope beyond hope that we will come visit you :) I can't wait for more pictures/stories!!!

Bonnie said...

Wow congrats on everything! What a exciting time, trying out new places! Being a law student wife can be difficult, call me if you need to know whats normal!
And you look amazing!

Lana Dawn said...

You look AMAZING!! And i'm really excited for you guys! i can't wait til you get internet again. What kind of car did you guys get? Ours just died - we are now in the car market!! Love you guys!!!

David said...

We drove through Ithaca in late July on the way from Jay's place to Palmyra. It is nice small city -very much a student town. You will be close to church history sites and some great scenery. You can also get to New York in a few hours and visit Jay.

Mindy said...

Cornell Law! WoooHoo, impressive! That great decision trumps Fritos and hotdogs any day! Congrats you guys can't wait to hear details!

Heather said...

yay! congratulations on the big move. good luck!!!

Erin said...


I am way excited for you guys! And Sara, I'm thinking you can afford to eat a whole bag of Frito's these days.

Also, one of my favorite people lives in Ithaca. Her name is Kate Patterson, her husband is at Cornell too, and you guys should find each other and be friends. Maybe you already did, I don't know your life. Or how many wards there are there. The point is, find her. She is so great.

Aubrey said...

You look so thin and darling.
So happy you made it safe!

Jason and Shannon Salmon said...

What an exciting time of life. I can't believe we never even said bye to you guys and now you are gone! We love you guys. BTW you look awesome!!

likeschocolate said...

Congratuations on your new adventure! Tell Spencer to feed you before you blow away. However, you look great.

Courtney said...

I live in Ithaca too! We should be friends... wait. We already are. And did I tell you that I met Chelsea and Burke once? Small world... I'll have to tell you about it. Or you could just come over and I'll tell you about it.

Lindy Salmon said...

Welcome to the East! Too bad you are the Northern kind and we are the Southern kind. But we'll still see each other :).

Ryan + Jess said...

What a fun new adventure for you guys! Too bad you snuck away...we could have thrown you a party :) Come back to visit some time, ok?

Courtney Morris said...

Yay!! Congrats! Love the pictures, you look so skinny!

Haylee said...

You look HORRIBLE!!!! hahahaha j/k I just wanted to say something different!!! ;;;))) so you know that I will come visit and take you into the city! Can't wait (hopefully it wont take me 3 years to save up money)!! can't wait for more pics and stories.

The Randalls said...

um...we live in NY...come visit us! We're about 40 mins outside the city!
And guess what...Jon owns an "ithaca is gorges" shirt :) haha...he was born there!