Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Memorial Day

We have never seen the cemetery so bright and colorful.
Hopefully everyone had a nice Memorial Day.
We spent the day getting full of watermelon.  
And Happy Birthday to my Missionary Brother.


KandyJill said...

Wow, colorful is right. So you were able to leave your couch for a few hours then?
I love you.
I miss you.
I hope I can come visit you soon! Perhaps when baby boy Orton gets here! :)

Lana Dawn said...

i love watermelon. i love the bright colors of spring/summer. and i love you. and your family.

jgc111 said...

Holy Cow. Your Brother is serving in Las Vegas. I met him the first day he was out in the field. He was living at one of my good friends, Brother Loveland's house in North Las Vegas. Then he was transfered to my ward in Henderson and we took him out to dinner. What a crazy coincident.

Jared Christensen

Cami said...

I love cemeteries on Memorial Day. They are so vibrant and beautiful.

MB said...

Scott and I can eat an entire watermelon by ourselves. I don't even feel bad about it because it's WATERmelon.

Alisa F. said...

Sara! I just found your blog! :) How do you know Burke and Chelsea Alder? (that's how I found it).

Anyway, glad to see things are still going well (aside from still being on bedrest...). Good luck with the rest - I'll keep looking at your blog and praying for you!

Alisa Frakes