Wednesday, September 09, 2009


I almost forgot to celebrate today until my little art history professor asked us to name and date a sheet of paper in preparatory for our quiz.
(Needless to say I scored 9/9 actually 10/10 but isn't 9/9 just so fitting...)

I posted something about this date a little while ago. And our friends in the far east did not disappoint.
you mathematicians out there have probably had a field day on 09/09/09

The date falls on a Wednesday in September, both of which have 9 letters.

September 9 also is the 252nd day of the year. 2+5+2=9

In addition, if you multiply a single-digit number by 9, the resulting two digits add up to 9. Consider: 4x9=36; 3+6=9
(more from this article can be found on

I'm wondering how many pregnant women due around this time are trying to get induced on this day. Maybe that will be something I'll be blessed to consider around 10/10/10.

There are great deals all over the web today celebrating 9/9/09. is offering $99 hotels. is offering 90% off of gift cards! As well, the Beatles albums have all been digitally remastered and have been released today.

September 9, 2009. What a great day.


Erin said...

So, I definitely read an article on cnn today about all the 9/9/09 things, and I loved it! And I really love that people HAVE to get married on days like this. Amazing.

And who is your little Art History professor? I think it must be Heather Jensen, she is tiny and amazing. She was my Senior Thesis advisor last semester and I love her. I love all the Art History professors though. What class are you taking?

Lana Dawn said...

not even kidding that i wrote the date today.. and thought of you when i did and realized what today was.

i don't even really know why you came to mind. but i knew you would like today!

congrats on the perfect score on the quiz!!

Love you

Jemaica said...

I'm really disappointed in myself for not noticing. I would have done something really special to celebrate. I will not forget 10/10/10.

mj said...

dang man. That was sucha special day and I didn't even notice what was happening that day.

Shelly said...

Um, I just found your blog and because I love you guys I am going to keep reading your blog. Also, if you were wondering, I love those pictures of your engagement. Love them. I am always so happy when my friends that are boys get married because I feel like their wives enhance them so much. Every boy needs a wife. Not that you weren't cool before Spencer. (I have to say that or you'll stop coming to the social sciences department and that would be sad) :) Just kidding. You are both great!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, read the blog a little late but I loved the back to school picture. We had to stop taking pictures once the kids got bigger than us and could wrestle the camera from my hands. Also i love the Staples back to school commercials. I always have to sing along! Good luck in school! Love you guys! Chris and Linda

Kathryn said...

lol I love you Sara! You guys are so great! love the post. so great

Lauren Evans said...

um i love you and skyler and i are planning a trip to provo soon, i will give you details as soon as i know. i need to see you

Lu and Bran Muffin said...

This is why I love you soooooo freakin' much. Yes, 9-9-09 was a phenomenon! i love the mathematicians pic! lol!

by the way 10-10-10 will be my birthday!!!!