Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Things I've Learned This Semester:

- Never look up people on facebook in the library, they could be watching you stalk them.
- Stove Top on its own is a complete meal.
- The LRC (Learning Resource Center) in the library lets you borrow movies for 3 days.

- it's $5.00 every day the movie is late.

- Don't take prenatal pills on an empty stomach... unless you want to be bulimic.

- Provo has a couple "fake" springs before the real one comes.

- $5.00 hot-n-readys from Little Caesars are actually
pretty good.
- Sometimes your neighbors like to steal your hub caps.

- The Provo Bakery is a block from our apartment. A
nd it is divine.
- The four most caring words are "We can’t afford it.” - Elder Robert D. Hale

- Costco samples (when collected in surplus) can qu
alify as a meal.

I'm sure I've learned a lot of other things, some being academic of course, but these were just a few things that came to mind since the last day of school is today.

(A Couple of pictures from our friends Blake and Kim's wedding on Friday)

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byufish said...

AMEN to all those things you've learned!! Makes me want to go to Costco for lunch today!