Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ode to Miriam

I wanted to write an ode to our neighbor Miriam, but when I researched how to exactly write an actual "ode" the task seemed a little daunting. So instead of an ode I have decided to write more of a tribute. My adoration for Miriam began when we first moved in to our apartment. I powered up the laptop in hopes that someone somewhere had some sort of a wireless router set up. The computer took a moment to load all the icons but when it was finish the small wireless network connection icon was glowing a bright green and the word “CONNECTED” appeared. Not only was I connected, but I was connected at EXCELLENT speed, and to a woman’s network named “Miriam”. For weeks now I have been mooching off her internet connection without a second thought. Never has it once failed me, which I can’t necessarily say about the BYU library wi-fi. Anywhere the laptop goes in the house it remains connected as “Excellent” or even “Very Good”. It makes me wonder where this Miriam character is located. We have other apartments on all four sides of us, so perhaps we even share a wall with her. Maybe she’s the neighbor that plays the Ranchera-Mariachi-Polka type music that blasts through the walls. Either way, whoever she is we are grateful for her selflessness to share something so willingly and freely with us. Thank You Miriam! This post is to you!


byufish said...

I'm laughing out loud here!! I had that experience here in the townhome until I bought my own wireless...funny thing is...I think I made it password protected and can't remember the password so anyone who comes to opportunity to connect! So Miriam is a bigger, more selfless neighbor than I am!!

Emily said...

hahahahaha funniest thing i have ever heard! we have some weird as neighbors too but we have free internet, we also have a freaky black cat that meows at our door, last night john tried to shoot him with a sling shot but i told him no! hahah love and miss you!!!

Lu and Bran Muffin said...

ha ha ha ha hh a ha ha hah aha..peee peee....hahahahahhahahaha

Diane Lee said...

HAHA. I always love to log onto Konrad's computer and find out who's account I am surfing on. It's really fun and Miriam is pretty. We miss you Sara and somehow we have to get together. Do we keep saying that?

Anonymous said...

Hello, Sara. It's me, Miriam.

You're Welcome! But I'm actually not female and I'm not Hispanic.

Congratulations on your marriage. This is my wedding gift to you.

And remember, I'm watching you from my apartment... in GA.