Friday, October 03, 2008

Engagement Pictures

Spencer and I have been busy with making plenty of decisions regarding the wedding... maybe a few of you can help us out with this one... We're trying to decide which picture to send out with our invitations...
Picture A
Picture B
Picture CPicture D
Keep in mind there is always PHOTOSHOP. We could always remove the logos from our clothing and remove a few loose hairs here and there... If you didn't like any of the possible picks above, you could also take a look at some of our other options. We are also scheduled to take another bunch of photos later this month, but based on your reviews we might just go with any of the 4 options above.
This is such a big decision to make, for someone very indecisive like myself. For some people this will be the only picture they'll ever see of you and your future spouse. For others this is the first picture they have seen of you in perhaps 10 years. You want the picture to show the best of all three parties. Me, Spencer, and the Ring... hahaha Ok maybe not the ring. Sometimes those pictures are cheeseballish. So enlighten me with your opinions of engagement pictures. The ones on the website happen to be numbered so be sure to let me know your favorite picture(s).
Thank you for your help and contribution to this big decision of ours.


kandicejill said...

Ooh go with picture #2 -- anything else would be mistake! And screw photoshop... it's beautiful the way it is!

Haha okay maybe not, but that's for sure gotta go in your slideshow!

Kay LOVE the pictures. You guys look so happy together! And how appropriate that you took those pics on a dock! I love it! Kay here are my faves... you ready?

23, 29, 39, 43, 82, 88, 95, 99, 103, 125, 142, 148, and 154.

YOU ARE GORGEOUS! I can't wait to see you... Congrats again! You're the first of us girls to get married... SO WEIRDDD! I love you. YBIMH always!

The Divine Miss Em said...

Hey besty!! um love all of the pics! i miss you lets do a girls weekend before you get married! p.s. then i can tell you lots of juicy stuff :)

Aubrey said...

okay would you PLEASE add us to your blog list!! love you guys!!

Diane Lee said...

Hey Sara,

LOVE all the pictures! My favs are 43, 105 and 152. Of course there are tons that are super CUTE. Sara, come and see us sometime!!!!! Love you, Diane

Aaron & Stacey Salmon said...

Umm picture A is AWESOME!!!!! go with that. hahah!!

Meagan Cooper said...

i like 44,45,46 you guys are too cute!

Lauren Evans said...

i was obsessed with too many and lost track...or i was too distracted to count. this reminded me of when you took mine and skylers Fake engagements and we were trying to come up with good poses. I know that you totally took control and posed yourself cause Skyler and i gave you so much practice. I LOVE LOVE YOU!!!


melissa said...

43!!! and 95 and 105 and 126 and 152!!!!!!

CourtandJord said...

dudeyy, i love them alllllll.
are you wearing those dirty sandals i gave you a year or two ago? you are hilarious

Rach said...

Yea! I FOUND you. I can't believe you are getting MARRIED! You know that makes me feel really old. You still look the same, beautiful, happy and fun to be around. I wish I could come to the wedding. At least now we can keep in touch via blog land.

I love you tons.