Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I KNOW! I'm bad. Bad to the bone when it comes to updating my blog. Just because I don't update often doesn't mean I don't constantly check everyone elses! SO KEEP UPDATING!!! hahaha. Well March flew by, and practically so has April. School is almost out!! Yayyyy. Easter was fun. We had an Easter egg hunt in the backyard (which you probably read about in detail last month on someone elses blog--thanks Shannon/Steph/Tara.) As for conference, Aunt Carol had a pair of extra tickets which Kaiti Pratt and I enjoyed taking off her hands. We were able to go to the Sunday afternoon session. Middle of April Kandyyy Jill was headed back down to Rexburg for summer semester and decided to swing down a little further and make it to Provo so the four of us could reunite (Glamor Shot Enclosed). Kandice, Kaiti, Alana and I went to dinner and had fun catching up and laughing with each other. The fun was short lived, as we are just finishing up school here and Provo and needed to hit the books for finals. I guess no news is good news... which would explain the lack of updates on my blog. Things have been good and really busy. I almost forgot... I got an emergency root canal done too! It wasn't the funnest thing I have ever done, but there were parts that I particularly enjoyed... one being the laughing gas. Aunt Karen was kind enough to drive me to my appointments Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday! Monday was the pulpotomy, the drilling out of the root... The dentist put a temporary cap in so that it could drain, but Tuesday morning rolled around and the cap was no where to be found. Tuesday they put another cap on, and then I returned Wednesday to get the finishing touches! What a month!!!

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kandicejill said...

Yay Glamor Shot! Dude you didn't tell me you had to get an Emergency Root Canal. That freakin suckssss! I so wish I coulda come down for Conference. You ladies look so beautiful!