Thursday, July 13, 2006

Discovery of The Dunes

I can’t believe that two weeks have already flown by. Sometime over the last few weeks a group of my friends (a mix of Georgians and others) discovered the dunes. In fact we liked them so much we went there three times in two days. The first two times was a bust. The first time we went we had nothing, including a camera. It was mid-afternoon on a hot afternoon and the sand was hotter then Haiti. We were only there for about 45 minutes before we decided to turn around and take the 20 minute ride home. Later that same day we returned to discover what the dunes looked like at night. The sand was definitely a lot cooler and luckily we had brought blankets. We laid out under the stars for a good while just talking. Stephanie and Zack are both from Georgia and are both converts. Zack was baptized when he was 14 and Stephanie just got baptized in November. And lucky for us they both decided to come out to BYU-I. The 8 of us had a great discussion with the two of them, they’re SO awesome! Steph is actually planning on moving into our apartment for the fall semester. Even though we came slightly more prepared the second time we were at the dunes, the blankets were still too few. On the drive home we decided that while the weather was still warm we would all try to get up there every Saturday night, for at least the summer semester. Saturday, being the day after Friday was our first official bon fire at the dunes. I guess third time really is a charm. We finally had everything we needed; cameras, (enough) blankets, wood, marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate, and drinks. Oh not to mention a portable DVD player. It was awesome, and unless I get a date by Saturday I’ll be up there again. It’s so peaceful up there, it kind of feels like you’re in Egypt. There are only two problems about going to the dunes now that we have finally cleaned out all the sand from our apartment, it’s almost time to go again. And secondly, Ben and I rode in the back of the Bronco everytime there and back!

Me and Jake

The Group

Zack and Steph


Calloways said...

Looks like fun...ask around about this thing...I think it is some kind of dam, but it is out past sugar city, there are kids there every weekend and you can roll flaming tires down sounds lame but it is cool I swear.

Melinda Palmer said...

Hey, Melinda here, fellow former Rexburgian. I can attest to the dam. It's awesome, and you can get these fires going in the side of the dam that get to be these huge funnels like 15 feet high. It's amazing...track down some locals and they'll know exactly what you're talking about. Good times.

Heather said...

SOOO fun! I'm jealous.

The Salmon Family said...

you need to post more.

KandyJill said...

I finally got a blog. Yay me! Sooo your gonna have to show me the ropes. When do you come here??? I miss you! anyway.. my blog is: