Thursday, February 17, 2011


Last Tuesday Drew had his first BDO. (Big Day Out) Somewhat similar to the ones I use to have.
We have known about Drew's Hydronephrosis since he and I were just this big...
Technically it is known as Antenatal Hydronephrosis, since he was diagnosed during a prenatal ultrasound. Hydronephrosis is a dilation of the kidney(s) that may eventually cause stretching and damage to surrounding organs. Hydronephrosis effects about 2% of babies, most of them being boys. Considering his family history with me having kidney cancer, and my dad having kidney stones I can't say that I was surprised. Drew has had 3 ultrasounds since his big debut in July and has been on an antibiotic to prevent a kidney infection since he was 2 months old. His 6 month ultrasound determined that there was still a slight dilation in the left kidney so we packed our bags and drove up to Primary Children's for further testing.
After checking in the little muffin had sandbags placed on his arms and legs while they inserted a catheter and IV. Spencer and I sat there while he stared at us with an evil glare as if to say, "Why aren't you helping me?!" After the contrast was flushed through the IV Drew had to remain still for 45 minutes, this procedure is known as a Renal Scan. The contrast dye is monitored with a machine that can see the kidneys filtering it through. He did great.
After the Renal Scan was complete we walked to a different part of the hospital for the Voiding Cystourethrogram (VCUG) which would put the catheter to use. The bladder is filled with a solution through the catheter while images are taken with an x-ray-esque machine. Once the bladder is full, images are taken as the bladder is emptied. This part seemed to be the most difficult part of the day. Drew's bladder muscles proved that we won't have problem with potty training.
The tech tried all the tricks he knew- heat lamps, warm water dumped all over Drew, pressure to his bladder, etc. As the doctor walked in the room Drew let loose and sprayed the equipment and the Radiologist. We got the pictures needed and were able to visit with the Pediatric Urologist later in the day. The results showed no need for a surgery or further antibiotics. We will repeat the test in a years time and hope that any dilation of the kidney or ureter has resolved.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Provo, Utah, USA

Yesterday Drew and I went on a 2-hour walk exploring the area we have lived in for over a year and a half.
We made our way up to Rock Canyon and enjoyed the views of Provo.
The weather was absolutley perfect.
On the way home the smells of homemade bread and other baked goods filled the air.
Every few houses we passed had hymns being played on the piano.
Provo, Utah is a little gem of the USA.
I think I will be sad to leave.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Today Drew and I are competing for the same Valentine...

I think that face has got me beat. His double chin is actually cute.