Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Perfect Proposal

I guess I've been too caught up in "being engaged" that I haven't really had much time to update my blog... well maybe I've also been busy with wrapping things up at home, driving cross country, moving into my apartment in Provo, some slight wedding plans, and starting a new semester at BYU. But I did promise that I would update my blog at a later date with a post containing some more details about the actual proposal, so with out further delay... (oh and sorry for those of you that have heard this multiple times before...)

Well, Spencer arrived on a Tuesday, and I think about the next day Lisa asked him and I if we wanted to play some stick throwing game on Friday down by the Chattahoochee with John and Lindy. Interested in the game, I simply agreed without any further questions. Friday came and for some odd reason I decided to dress up a little more than the usual scrubs for work. When Spencer saw me that day he kept on asking me what was the occasion and I just replied "I don't know, but you're acting really weird about it so remind me not to ever dress nice again..." Spencer was concerned that somehow his little proposal plan had leaked... The day proceeded with Spencer being asked to run errands here and there for people in the office (mostly these "errands" got him out of the office so he could pick out the perfect spot for his proposal along the Chattahoochee River). The long Friday afternoon came to an end and somewhat grumpy and tired we went home from work. About two hours later Spencer so nonchalant reminded me that we were going to play games. He even asked me to call Lisa to see if we needed to bring anything. (We ended up bringing a cooler full of waters which is seen in the pictures) Completely unknowingly we arrived at the river. I called Lisa when we parked so that she could give me directions to the playing area. Little did I know this phone call actually let her know we had arrived and for her and my dad to get into position for our arrival which included setting up the blanket with roses and the scrapbook Spencer had made. We arrived at the dock and I just kept on asking Spencer, "WHAT IS GOING ON?" somehow he convinced me to sit down and read the scrapbook with him. After it was complete, he smiled and pulled out a ring -- I couldn't look at him which is seen in Figure 2. (WHICH I THOUGHT WE WERE GOING TO GET WHEN WE WENT BACK TO SCHOOL) Completely shocked I just looked at him and said "You are so weird, you are so weird..." over and over again. Not the most romantic thing I could have said... We hugged and embraced and kissed a little (and Spencer whispered in my ear..."YOUR DAD IS IN THE BUSHES...") hahahah. It absolutely was a PERFECT PROPOSAL. We spent the rest of the night eating Chinese food, getting in the Chinese mood while watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics and calling people. So the wedding is set for December 19th at 11:00am. And yes, for those of you wondering school ends on the 19th. So hopefully I won't be writing any finals in a big white dress. Mark your calendars- we hope to see everyone there!

*My dad is shown in that last picture, with his arms scraped up from thorny shrubs along the river. Classic.