Thursday, January 25, 2007

Now you see it...Now you see it again.

I was hoping to be able to say “Now you see it… now you don’t…” but instead you STILL see it. My cast that is. I went to the doctors today to get it taken off (permanently, I thought). They x-rayed it, I washed the smelly appendage and then THEY PUT ANOTHER ONE ON! So yes, it is still BrOkEn. The black cast (cast number 1) was on for only 3 weeks, this blue one (cast number 2- hence the picture) needs to be on for 4 more weeks- and hopefully after that everything will be completely healed. Apparently the scaphoid bone can take up to three months to heal!!! Eeeeks- hopefully that is not the case!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Work vs. School

Well, when I was at school it was work. And now that I am at work it is school. So I really understand the concept now of always wanting what you don’t have or the grass is always greener on the other side. Packing up at the end of the semester was sad; saying goodbye to people that I may not see till fall semester 2007. Sometimes that BYU-I track system can be really annoying. After our rooms were completely packed up we had room and empty cabinets to play hide-n-go-seek in. As for academics and school work- finals went alright. I had the job of cleaning the griddle in our cooking class for my final assignment so I took care of that just before I left Rexburg. Work however is good it is practically all I do so I don’t really know much else. It could be the worst thing ever but I wouldn’t even know what something better tastes like. Christmas flew by. I had trouble in the Denver airport, as did thousands of other passengers but once I was on a flight it was smooth flying all the way to Atlanta. Christmas break wasn’t much of a break. I started working the first day we were open after the regular holiday closing. If it wasn’t for HIPPA policies I would have a lot of funny stories to tell regarding working at the Dermatologist but I rather like my job so I have regretfully declined from sharing events on the WORLD WIDE WEB. It was fun to have all the family here for a few weeks though. We went to the aquarium, went bowling, did plenty of shopping and got some family pictures taken as well. We saw baby Anya (John and Lindy Salmon’s baby girl), played lots of video games (namely Dr. Mario and Tetris), saw some movies, and ate PLENTY of food. Mike and I ended up wrestling one day over a game of Dr. Mario and he ultimately ended up breaking my wrist. Ok well not really. I broke it back in October (trying to Longboard) when I was in Rexburg, but I had never got it checked out till I got home and it was in pain again. So now I have had a cast on for a little over 3 weeks which I hopefully get off tomorrow. I am now attending the singles ward at the chapel that shares the parking lot with the temple. It’s about 15 minutes from our house and is in a REAL chapel. I was just getting use to going to church in my American Heritage classroom with members of the ward as young as 17 and others who thought 23 was old compared to my NEW singles ward that has a REAL chapel with many of the members pushing the age of 30. Although I miss a lot of my friends that I left in the freezing cold -20 degrees Fahrenheit weather in Idaho, I do however love having a full fridge, a FREE washer and dryer and a TV that I don’t have to share. Like I said before —you always want what you don't have.
This is an Ode to Michael Salmon. He had a 50's day (If that's what you call it). the Fro, the rolled up jeans, white socks, he even tried to get Dahl to do it too.