Saturday, July 12, 2014


We've officially got a two and four year old.

Drew and Claire have their birthdays 4 weeks apart and it is all we have heard about the past few months (more like Drew's been talking about his birthday since about October)

We had Claire's woodland fairy birthday in June on a beauitful summer evening with fairy and gnomes playing in the backyard. She spent the party painting "fairy houses" and eating cupcakes.

Drew has been talking about a Star Wars party for months. Telling me all the details and games and food he wanted to have. I think all of his four year old dreams came true. We had pizza, and played with lightsabers in water and "Carbonite Jell-o"- all the things Drew wished for.  He knows way more Star Wars trivia than me. 

We've loved to have a beautiful backyard and space to run around and play this summer. We're soaking it all in and gearing up to move to the concrete jungle.