Monday, March 26, 2012

Atlanta Trip

Not sure if anyone even reads this blog anymore, but let me try to catch up on the last month (or more) of our lives.

At the end of February Drew and I went to visit my parents for about 2 weeks. I celebrated 20 weeks while there and was carted around in a wheelchair most of the time by an overreacting mom :)
Looking like death at the airport.
 Drew was in love with the neighbors dog, so much so that when it was time to go inside he would cry and then run to a room where he could see the dog from a window. Our neighbor eventually gave him a little dog stuffed animal toy to have. The warmer temperatures were a nice reason to be outside as well (note: Drew solely in a diaper)
 One day we went downtown to visit the zoo. Zoo Atlanta is pretty nice (I say that after having Syracuse zoo in my mind) and once again, the warm weather allowed for all the animals to be out for our viewing pleasure. Drew liked the petting zoo and the train but you wouldn't be able to tell from the somber expressions on his face.

Other events included but aren't limited to: going to the circus (which was AWESOME!- just waiting on some pics, dad...) Eating some things I have been craving but can't find in Ithaca- i.e. Calamari (Drew practically inhaled it) Getting a haircut. Hanging out with cousins. Brother-in-law Matt having his appendix taken out. Shopping at stores that don't exist here. Pedicures with my sister. Drew bathing in my parents big whirlpool bathtub and dancing naked from the balcony after. Using the "expectant mothers" parking spots whenever we went somewhere.

Now for a small explanation: My laptop broke last April around graduation, so in a few short weeks it will be one year without having a laptop. Not sure if that is something to brag about or cry about (I think the latter) Then in December coming back from Utah for Christmas we somehow lost our camera. So now we are really falling behind technology. So blogging is limited to times when Spencer is home with his laptop, and often without pictures. However, we just got a new camera so hopefully we will be up and blogging more often.